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Staying inside is a luxury and a curse. But now that – I want to say- we all have spent days (if not weeks) in our pjs and sweats, I thought it was time to ask the beauty queens of this city…Chicago and Midwest fashion bloggers, for their work from home tips and what they are wearing as we collectively work from home.

Julz Chez

Julz Chez is a fashion blogger and runs the blog XOXO Julz Chez – a Chicago girl’s guide to fashion, beauty and all things happy and sparkly. You can read more about her whirlwind first-time experience at New York Fashion Week here. She shares her insights below.

I think this odd time is a great time to focus on your beauty routine. I am pretty diligent with my skincare and wellness routine…but there are all those lovely extra steps, like jade rolling and dry brushing before showering, that are easy steps to skip, especially with a busy schedule. Commit to practicing all the beautifying things! It’s a great time to give your skin a break from makeup. I have loved letting my skin breath makeup-free, and treating myself to lots of great face masks (husband too:)

Julz Chez and her husband doing facemasks. Photo: Julz Chez

As for hair…I typically use dry shampoo every morning, miracle product yes…but it’s also very drying. And so greasy hair it is woot! Once a week or so, I say give yourself a solid makeover. It is so easy to do the same general makeup routine…use this extra time to experiment! Pour a glass of wine, crank up some fun jams, check out online tutorials…and try some new looks!

As for the fashion…I’m in favor of keeping it comfy. I try to do some kind of workout every morning, even if it’s only 10 minutes to get your blood flowing. Cute leggings and a tank….stylish joggers and a band tee…activewear is my bestie! But again, once a week or so, treat yourself a makeover! Play around with different looks and combinations in your closet.

Julz in comfy, yet fashionable clothes for quarantine. Photo: Julz Chez

This crazy time will pass! And if you follow my little tips…when the time comes to rejoin the world…your skin will be glowing and you will have new makeup looks and styled outfits ready to rock!

Once Upon a Dollhouse

Once Upon a Dollhouse is a top lifestyle blog in the city. Caitlin + Danielle live their lives to the fullest and are passionate about music, wellness, travel, beauty, fashion and all things sparkle. Below are some of their tips for working from home. You can read all their work from home tips here and also how you can protect and connect with one another by getting a Pandemic Pal.

The Dolls Photo: Once Upon a Dollhouse

One of their biggest tips is to wake up and get dressed every day. 

We recommend keeping your alarm set at its typical time – just think of what you could do with the time spent on your morning commute! While the opportunity to stay in your PJ’s all day may be tempting, we highly recommend that you take the time to get a little Dolled Up! This sets the tone for your day.  Shower, brush your teeth, do your hair and put on something professional, yet comfortable. A tinted moisturizermascara and a little lip color will brighten you up.

Allies Fashion Alley

Allie from Allies Fashion Alley is an honorary Chicago blogger, but she recently bought a condo in Milwaukee and lives in Wisconsin. She’s a girl boss and a trendsetter. You can read about her spring fashion finds and her tips on money and personal finance here.

Work form home tips from Allie. Photo: Allie’s Fashion Alley

Allie is known for her Rent the Runway looks, but during the pandemic, she’s taking a break.

It depends on my plans at the end of the day. Most of the time I wear workout clothes to force myself to work out after work.

I always shower in the morning because I feel gross if I don’t.


Fashionlingual is a blog by Desirée where she speaks English, Spanish, and above all, fashion.

Feeling your best while working at home. Photo: Fashionlingual

I guess my piece of advice would depend on the kind of work that people are doing from home. The fashion would definitely be dictated by whether or not you’re conducting video conferences or interacting with customers over video chats.

In those situations, you obviously would still want to look your best by wearing makeup, styling your hair and dressing accordingly with the company culture.

For everyone else, I say wear what feels comfortable. It’s a stressful time and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing sweats, fuzzy slippers or your favorite yoga pants while punching away at the computer or providing customer service over the phone.

Despite that, I think it’s important to keep a routine to stay productive. Wake up at your usual time, shower and be ready to log-on at your normal time. Give yourself breaks, keep your normal diets (instead of going nuts on junk food), find ways to replace gym time with at-home workouts or runs, be mindful of alcohol consumption and go to bed at the time you typically go to bed.

Some magnetic eyelashes that I ordered weeks ago finally arrived, so I’d probably wear them a few days while I perfect application for when I can go out again.


I think it’s so interesting to hear all of their perspectives. There’s something about working from home that makes us live to a somewhat lesser standard because we aren’t seeing anyone. Like, if we were never going to see anyone, would we really wear makeup and do our hair and wear those heels? Do we do that for us – so that we feel professional or pretty or do we do this because we like getting dressed up (ugh, my favorite part of being a girl – dress up!). But, yet there is always the need to take care of yourself (team #selfcare).

Like the memes say, what are you trying to prove by wearing jeans right now? Personally, I’m on a pjs and workout clothes rotation. Being all dressed up with no place to go, isn’t so fun when you’re approaching week two. And based on a recent Windy City Cosmo poll, 84 percent of you are only on week of quarantine.

But taking pride in your appearance, even if it’s just for you to feel like yourself or it makes you more productive, is something to consider. Go on, wear the magnetic eyelashes…no one is judging you, unless you’re on Instagram live.

Get comfy and cozy and maybe facetime your pandemic pal. Do you like working from home?

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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