Woman Wins Exporter of The Year 2016 Award for Illinois

Woman Wins Exporter of The Year 2016 Award for Illinois

When I met Sophia Leaguedi, General Manager of Ameroc Export Inc., she said she would do anything for women.

Leaguedi, a Moroccan woman, accepted the Exporter of the Year 2016 Award for Illinois at the International Business Forum in Chicago this November.

During the International Business Forum, over three days, The U.S. Commercial Service brought together international delegates and business leaders from Illinois and 23 other states to discuss international business opportunities in fields like renewable energy, infrastructure, and advanced transportation. The forum concluded recognizing Leaguedi’s accomplishments.

Leaguedi’s story started in Morocco. She had a finance job and she told herself, “Now I have a job, now what. I feel like I  can do better. My capability was beyond the reality.”

With her husband, she owned several businesses in California. After learning the business world first hand and experiencing failures including receiving containers of damaged goods. Not only did she experience business losses, but she also had to overcome personal losses including the death of her husband.

Leaguedi took her losses and she discovered that with her business acumen and her ties to Africa, she could start her own international trade business. She founded Ameroc Export Inc., an international trade company that specializes in material exports from America to Africa and the Middle East.

“If the opportunities are not there, find out how to make opportunities,”  Leaguedi told me.

She developed exclusive agreements with Tenessee’s Mitco Industrial Tire Manufacturing that helped propel her business into the award-winning company it is today.

“Be passionate about what you are doing. Make sure that you are good at it. Believe in yourself. Be determined and mostly persistent. If you have all this then you are on the right track, ”  Leaguedi advises for female entrepreneurs. 

Leaguedi has been recognized for her hard work several times including her award for Enterprising Woman of the Year in 2016.

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