Who to Follow on Snapchat: Chicago Food and Lifestyle Bloggers

Who to Follow on Snapchat: Chicago Food and Lifestyle Bloggers

You liked their post on Instagram. You may have even added the Chicago restaurant they visited to your Chicago bucket list.

Rather then fill your Instagram feed with their adventures, Chicago food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers have a story for you, a Snapchat story.

I’ve reached out to some of my favorite Chicago food bloggers and Chicago lifestyle bloggers to ask them who they follow on Snapchat.

Below is a list of everyone you ever wanted to have dinner with in Chicago (because the food is guaranteed to be good).

Side note: yes, you can go to l Chicago restaurant and have terrible food. Head to 312food Chicago’s Instagram, where she finds Chicago neighborhood restaurants with really good food or search under the hashtag #312food where Chicagoans tag their favorite neighborhood restaurant. You would be surprised by the amazing Chicago restaurants in your neighborhood that you pass everyday and never noticed.

Full disclosure, some of these Chicago food bloggers I have met in real life and other Chicago lifestyle bloggers I have simply met online. Maybe we’ll have a cosmo one day and I’ll be part of their Snapchat story. Maybe.

Chicago Food Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat:

Whether you like to eat or see how much other people can eat, these are the Snapchat channels to follow for Chicago foodies.

P.S. Their names or Chicago food blog names link to their Instagram pictures.


I either can’t stop laughing or I am watching too much food porn with Adam Soko. Adam is an established Chicago food blogger. Find his still lifes via hashtag: #sokophoto. I met him over a few rounds of Bloody Mary’s at The Violet Hour.  He captures dripping egg yolks and craft cocktails at Earl’s, Baffo, etc. all over Chicago, and this January he has been spotted in San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Miami, and New Orleans. His life and Snapchats are more than just food. He throws in the selfie, rap song, or ostrich every now and then.

P.S. He’s always on.


My friend and Chicago foodie, Van, is most known for her love of Ramen. I thought of her the first time I tried Ramen this year. We met at a magazine launch for FW:Chicago, a resource about the lifestyles and careers of fellow Chicago women who live, work, and play in the city. Ever since then, we show love on Instagram.


Everythingerica will either be eating, making food so that she can eat, or liking your Chicago Instagram pic. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it, but she always likes my photos right away. P.S. Thank you. Erica Eckman is funny because she’s real. Her current status is Chicago blogger and future mommy. She’s bffs with 312Food. And this pair, though petite, has an appetite any Chicago foodie can appreciate.



I could write a book about Erin from 312Food. But, it would be a picture book because her pictures are flawless. I met Erin through Instagram, and you can read the full story here. She’s a superstar in your own right, and she’ll make you want to go to Sweet Mandy B’s for cookie dough stuffed cookies or eat a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza from Bar Siena. She got started on Instagram in the summer of 2015. This girl is a game changer.


Samantha Roby has a way with food. She makes table settings and food look beautiful all through placement. She showed off her skills this past summer at a Chicago blogger event with Bell Brands.

Chicago Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat:

I get hooked into the lives of fellow Chicago lifestyle bloggers.

P.S. Their names or their Chicago lifestlye blog names link to their Instagram pictures.


You can usually catch Olivia with her bff, Adam Soko, making face masks or homemade rice krispie treats. She’s random. She’s a lawyer? She’ll make everyday funny, and sometimes we need just that.


This one is new to me. Drunkonshoes came recommended to me by my friend and past co-worker, Porchea Londone.


I met Porchea when I worked a shift manager at Ann Taylor at Water Tower Place. Fast-forward to 2015, and we ran into each other at a Chicago fashion event her company, The Frock Shop, was hosting in Pilsen with America’s Next Top Model and make-up artists and stylists. She most recently appeared on WCIU You And Me This Morning.


This one is new to me. Chelsias came recommended by my friend and Chicago foodie, Van, most known for her love of Ramen.


Maddy Osman tells it like it is. Her blog is Chicago Cheap Ass. But don’t let the name fool you, every time I have cocktails at Drumbar or Bub City with this social media God send, I leave enriched. For my savvy Chicago city girls looking for a good (and sometimes off the cuff) time on a budget, check-in with Maddy.

My 2016 goals. Sign up for the Chicago run at CupidsUndieRun.com!

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Lauren Lehocky may have a big lunch, but she’s also training to be a fitness instructor and works at Lululemon. She believes that to be healthy you don’t have to count the number of almonds and have a green smoothie (though she’s not opposed to either). I met Lehocky at a cheese event when I introduced her to Milagro tequila. She is as much about the fitness as she is about the fun.




Lost Girl Vintage is a vintage boutique shop in Pilsen. The owner’s adventures are usually not in the shop, they are all over Chicago. She’s also friends with Adam Soko, and we met the same night over Bloody Mary’s at Violet Hour.


Of course, don’t forget to follow your favorite Chicago city girl, Windy City Cosmo!


P.S. If you want to get away from Chicago, follow these travel bloggers. Their Snapchat stories will take you to Santa Claus’ home and the beach, where I would like to be most days during Chicago winters (It’s getting sunnier, though). Drew Binsky is my favorite to follow and he’s the one who wrote the article. I like writers, I guess. 🙂

Personal Branding from Chicago Bloggers:

Love watching Chicago food and lifestyle bloggers create content? Why not try to create your own personal brand? Learn from the best bloggers in this article, “How Bloggers and Brands Create Authenticity on Social Media,” inspired by Social Media Week Chicago 2015.

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