Where to Go For The Best Taco in Chicago on Taco Tuesday

Tortilla Taco Awards in Chicago at Park and Field 2018

While we may not be as active on the Throwback Thursday’s, Taco Tuesday’s are here to stay in Chicago! For National Tequila Day (July 24th), a few of my favorite bloggers like Jennifer Mai from Jen Eats Chi and Lee Lepe from Chicago Standard and Katie from Appetite4Adventure and you know, 380 other people got together at Park & Field in Logan Square (which by the way is one of the best patios in Chicago – it seriously gives me LA vibes) to sample six different tacos to vote on the best taco in Chicago.

The Tortilla Awards

The crowd was lit with excitement as people lined up after work on Tuesday, July 24th to vote on the best tacos and take part in the festivities. The Tortilla Awards is a party open to the public featuring a city-wide search for the best tacos. It launched in Los Angeles on June 26th and will end in Austin on September 11th. For the Chicago Tortilla Awards, both partners, Tequila CAZADORES and Chef Aarón Sánchez, hand selected the top five tortilla makers to come together in person to compete for the title of being the best taco.

“My culture and heritage are the number one influence on my cooking, and there is nothing more authentic to my upbringing than the art of making a tortilla. Each of these contestants has
been selected because of their dedication and craft in preparing a fresh tortilla that reminds me of being back in Mexico, and I look forward to meeting each of them at these competitions,” shared Chef Aaron Sanchez, Chef/owner Johnny Sánchez, located in New Orleans and co-star of FOX’s MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.


Of course you can’t have tacos without margaritas. And there were so many margaritas to choose from! After going to the tequila shot hut (with three different types of tequila), we gathered around Park & Field’s fire pit and  enjoyed Tequila Cazadores cocktails, including the Rosa La Poderosa, an exclusive recipe from local Chicago bartender Julieta Campos that features Cazadores Blanco, Apologue Aronia, cucumber, Weatherby Cola Bitters and lime.

Tortilla Taco Awards in Chicago at Park and Field 2018

While the sky was brooding, we stayed the night running back and forth to sample all six tacos and catching up on summer romances and blunders. Around 9 pm, our rims we’re getting a little saltier and the mood was lighter, and we got up to cast our votes.

Tortilla Award Winners:

Chicago blogger, Erin from 312 Food at the Tortilla Awards in Chicago


So, when you’re out and about this summer, add Big Star in Wicker Park to your must-see patios and tacos. Come back soon for more places to go, food to sample, and people to meet.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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