A Virtual Vacay in Rome: Day 1 Itinerary

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The best part of any trip is the clothes, the food, the bonding, the adventures, and of course, a good airport read.

I’ve been saving this book for my long flight to Italy today (my bed). It’s gloomy and cold in Chicago, but a beautiful 70 in Rome all week. Can’t wait to start the adventure. I always get a treat at the airport (leftover banana bread). Wish I could time travel there, but here goes the 13 hour journey.

Warm banana bread! Love homemade treats.

So, I saw Joanna Grange, a Chicago lifestyle blogger and business owner, do a virtual spin on her vacation to Portugal and I thought it was so creative. Thought I would do my own take on Italy 🇮🇹 since the imagination is a terrible thing to waste. Cheers to getting creative and inspiring others in quarantine

xoxo Amanda

Roma Day 1

Good morning, Rome! It’s an early morning. Airplane sleep was good. I had a few drinks on the plane with people sitting in my row (a random guy from House Party joined our Pictionary game).

It is warm here and happy. Being out on the streets and seeing everyone dressed so beautifully in the latest trends (facemasks), makes me want to change out of jeans (pjs).

The latest fashion in Rome. Love window shopping.

I love seeing all the places to explore and oh my gosh, is that the Colosseum (discovered there’s a Ukrainian Art Museum a few blocks away).

I forgot how it’s just there, not hidden on Museum Campus like Chicago. I can’t stop smiling. My first stop is a cappuccino. I’ve been waiting for this (yesterday the local coffee shop was closed, so went back during their restricted hours today).

Ah, can’t wait to see my family (call them) and check into the AirBnB. Hopefully this time, I don’t have to lug my suitcase on the side of the highway to find it like last time.

Feeling stoked for a new adventure (zoom party later). But first, can’t wait to unpack (sanitize my phone and wash my hands).

Hugs (6 ft away), Amanda

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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