‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Cocktails in The Gold Coast

‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Cocktails in The Gold Coast

Sweet & Savory Sips inspired by the iconic novel in the Gold Coast

Great literature has inspired everything from music, movies and fashion to social movements, cultural events and even food trends.  Many famous writers have drawn their own inspiration (or taken solace) in a bottle of booze, and this time their great works are serving as inspiration in the creation of some great cocktails. 

While Warhol is creating quite a stir in Chicago through cocktails and art, Blue Door Kitchen + Garden, a Gold Coast eatery widely known for celebrity chef Art Smith’s award-winning Southern fare, is taking a different route.  They’ve created an entire cocktail list inspired by Harper Lee’s iconic American novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Jem Finch

Bluecoat Gin | Itailicus | Dry Vermouth | Pears


Montelabos Mezcal | Milagro Reposado | Sage Syrup | Lime | Ginger

Scout Cocktail

Boo Radley

Glenfiddich | Flour de Cana Dark Rum | Lime | Maple Syrup | Cardamom Bitters

Boo Radley Cocktail

Sheriff Heck Tate

Bulleit Bourbon | Montenegro | Cinnamon & Cranberry Shrub | Angostura Bitters

Atticus Finch

Hendricks Gin | Orgeat | Lemon | Angostura Bitters

Atticus Finch Cocktail

Dill Harris

Herb-infused Western Son Vodka | Pomegranate | Honey Ginger Syrup | Lime

Dill Harris Cocktail

Miss Mandie

Breezette Rose | Aperol | Peach Puree | Lemon | Simple Syrup | Sparking Wine

All of Blue Door’s garden-to-glass cocktails are priced at $14 and are available for brunch, lunch and dinner. Cheers to creative cocktails in the Gold Coast!

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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