Three Thoughts on Sustainable Blogging Resolutions

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Blogging is like dancing, you have to find the beat and stay on it. But, in the beginning, and even in between, we may be too uptempo or feel that slow dancing leads to less traffic. Ben Huberman can help you make blogging resolutions that make sense, and most importantly, will help you set the beat and stick to it for 2016.

One of my favorite tips he has for keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is to put less emphasis on the numbers, and focus on the bigger picture. Writing a blog post everyday might seem impossible, but putting together an editorial calendar and lining up blog titles and interviews ahead of time, can help you plan ahead to produce more content.

Read Huberman’s article about how to set goals you’ll be more likely to keep. His tips can be applied to blogging, building relationships, organizing and other areas of your life.

Wishing you success in all of your goals for 2016 (to my blogger and non-blogger friends)!

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Source: Three Thoughts on Sustainable Blogging Resolutions

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