Three months with a personal trainer in Chicago

Three months with a personal trainer in Chicago

It’s been three months since I started working with a personal trainer at Fit Results (see where I started). Here are some key highlights of my journey so far:

Consistency is Key

One of the biggest changes has been my commitment to consistency. I’ve been working out three times a week, and my average workout time has increased from just 30 minutes to about 100 minutes. This dedication has significantly contributed to my progress and overall fitness.

Increased Activity and Progress

Beyond the structured workouts, I’ve been walking more and have even started running again. These additional activities have complemented my strength training and cardio sessions, making me more active overall. Thus far, I’ve lost 3.5% body fat, which has been a combination of increased movement and leaning into a balanced diet.

Strength and Stamina

I’ve noticed remarkable progress in getting through challenging strength workouts. Each session pushes my limits, and I’m continuously surprised by what my body can achieve. This progress has been incredibly motivating and has kept me excited about my fitness journey. Right now, I’m working with 20-30 lbs. of free weights and kettlebells for about a minute straight. I also have increased my medicine ball weight from around 12-14 pounds to 20-30 pounds. I’ve also noticed better core strength. My trainer loves having me do bicycle crunches.

Improved Diet and Stamina Goals

For the next phase of my journey, I’m focusing on cleaning up my diet ( a forever challenge) and increasing my stamina. I’m working on incorporating more nutritious meals and aiming to get in more runs to boost my endurance further. These goals are crucial for continuing my progress and achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Better Days with Workouts

Interestingly, I’ve observed that I have better days on the days I work out. The energy, focus, and positivity that come from exercising help keep me motivated. It’s amazing how these sessions positively impact my mood and productivity.

Looking Forward

As I continue this journey, I’m excited about the progress yet to come. The support from my personal trainer and all the coaches at Fit Results South Loop and the results I’ve seen so far inspire me to keep pushing my limits and striving for more. In the next 3 months, my goal is to aim to lose 1-2 dress sizes, keep finding ways to incorporate more protein and veggies, and honestly growing in my new lifestyle. This isn’t a 6 month ride or die challenge, this is really a reset for me to develop better habits for a healthier, happier life. Here’s to more milestones, more strength, and a healthier, happier me!

What have you learned from your fitness journey? How do you stay motivated to keep progressing?

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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