theSkimm: A Real News Newsletter

theSkimm: A Real News Newsletter

The news is ready with your morning coffee, and this time it’s as compact and efficient as your clutch from last night. It’s called theSkimm, a daily newsletter with notes about the top international and national stories. Turning three this July, men and women alike favor it for its straightforward and witty tone while reporting on real news.

If you have no idea what it going on in the world or you would like to speak a bit more intelligently about politics and current events, it might be time to let these news junkies skimm for you. Here’s what start-up founders, Carly Zakin and Chicago native, Danielle Weisberg have to dish about the daily dish:

What encouraged you to create this platform (What need were you fulfilling)?

“We are long time friends and former NBC News producers. We grew up news junkies and worked hard to find jobs in the industry — so neither one of us really envisioned quitting them. But we began to notice that our friends, very smart, educated, leading women — would ask us basic questions about what was going on in the world. They weren’t watching or reading what we were doing at work. But they needed the information. We saw a void in the market for a news product marketed towards this audience in a way that fit in with their routines and spoke to them like they were speaking to us– as a friend.”

What was the greatest challenge in founding theSkimm? 

“We started theSkimm without any formal business or tech background. Everything from finding an accountant to forming an LLC to making an investor deck was all new to us.”

If you could offer entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?

“Do two things before you start a business—take a vacation and take a coding class. Both will help you immensely in the long run, if only for the memories.”

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Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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