The Tall Part of Tall, Dark, and Handsome

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We’ve all been there—we wore those 6 inch heels that made your date of the night look more like a dwarf than a prince. You know who I am talking about. All of those men of average height and below. Mr. 5’11”.

To clarify, the expression “taller than me” does not translate “physically taller than me”. An inch—two inches—doesn’t qualify. Though, every girl is different. And, there are exceptions to every rule.

The sad part is, when online dating, men angle the camera so that they appear to be taller. Some are honest and admit that they are shorter than you, but they think a tall girl  is “so sexy” (smiley face).

First of all, drop the emoji. Why are men using emojis more than woman?

And secondly, as a tall woman, I don’t think it’s cool to be taller than you (ladies, weigh in). This is coming from a girl who wore heels everywhere.

But this summer, I traded in my heels for flats. And quite honestly, I still feel uncomfortable wearing flats around you. And, I hate that you envision me in heels.

Tall Girls and Short Guys: A Word

I was born tall. I like heels. And I like a man that can keep up with the height. I know, it’s the one thing that you cannot change about you, but it’s the one thing that I cannot change about me.

There are some things I need from a man. One of those things being, when we sit next to each other, you don’t resemble the throw pillow.

Granted, there are tiny girls out there, I am just not one of them. So, a word, Mr. 5’11”, please be considerate and don’t talk to me if you aren’t on my level.

Find Tall Men Here

P.S. In doing research for next week’s article I found this for all of my fellow women with model height out there. P.S.S. I haven’t used the site, but it does indicate that you can find tall men there.

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