The Relationship App Every Successful City Girl Needs

The Relationship App Every Successful City Girl Needs

It’s not every day that women admit that they need help.

But cocktails with the girls usually turns to talking about men, and we all know the casual questions that lead to excessive Tequila shots later.

Who are you seeing?

What dating app are you on?

I wish this was cliché, but in my first night out this weekend, it was true for both my Saturday night chatter at the J. Parker  with friends and during a Sunday media brunch at Osteria La Madia.

Successful Women with Dating Problems:

We all have a life or are “working on ourselves.”

We are doing yoga, our jobs are better than average and so is our skin at this age. But why is it that we are always mentioning Brad from next door or sharing Bumble profiles and Tinder dating stories over our mimosas?

Well someone decided to do something about these routine conversations—make a relationship app at 1871, Chicago’s tech mecca.

LUV TALK Co-Founder, Gwen Washington, a thirty-something Chicago city girl with a background in counseling, has pulled together a team of fashion stylists, therapists, and (divorce) lawyers, or as she likes to call them “gurus,” to answer love’s toughest questions.

The gurus specialize in various age to help with relationships and life tips. The relationship app will allow a private mini session with the guru to ask anything you want.

Who Do You Go To For Relationship Advice?

So, who do you go to for dating advice?

“People laugh and say, ‘Google,'” says Washington, who found herself helping her friends with relationship advice.

“There’s a lot of ways to meet people, but when you meet them, what do you do?” Washington asks.

Every girl knows this dilemma. I was talking with a new guy once and my friend looked over at my messages.

“You sound too direct.”

“Be flirtatious.”

“Wait a few minutes to respond.”

“Are you wearing that on your date? Let me help you.”

I found myself not knowing I needed help, when I did.

In the dating world, saying what you want when you want to and just being you, doesn’t really work. It’s not playing games, it’s just dating.

“Women need relationship advice more than men, ” said Washington,”I think the most important thing in finding the one is [to] find someone that makes your life better and you can’t imagine being without.”

Developing a Relationship App: The Details:

LUV TALK is Washington’s first app.

And like most Chicago app developers, she found a void and is seeking to fill it.

To do this, Washington put together a diverse app team not only ethically, but also in terms of their relationship status, to help her build the LUV TALK relationship app.

The LUV TALK team will be moving into 1871 this spring to develop the app for a summer launch.

It will originally target single women or those in relationships in Chicago and then move into larger markets.

But, her team isn’t the only place that she is gaining insights and data for the relationship app.

She has also partnered with a friend’s meetup group in Chicago to gain insight from focus groups.

Calling All Single City Ladies:

Currently in the data research stage, Washington’s app idea, LUV TALK, is available in the desktop version for Chicago single women to start asking questions on forums.

If you want to be more involved, Washington is holding a LUV TALK Ladies Event over bottles of wine at Tango Sur (3763 Southport Ave.) in Lakeview on Saturday, March 19, 2016. You can RSVP directly on Facebook or by emailing:

LUV TALK Relationship App Launch Party:

Washington’s app will be available later this summer on Saturday, June 11, 2016,  at a launch party at the Public Hotel. For ticket information for the LUV TALK app launch party, click here.




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