The Chicago Blizzard of Superbowl Sunday

Chicago Blizzard

Last Friday the sun was actually shinning and the sky was that blue from a picture perfect postcard. Let’s take a moment to remember what was.

It was a happy Friday.

blue sky

But then Saturday night it started snowing and it kept snowing. Sunday morning, it was still snowing.

Today there were reports that Chicago was blasted with 19 inches of snow, making this the fifth worst snow storm.

But, yesterday wasn’t just any day of rest, it was Super Bowl Sunday. And everything was closed. Even if you did make it walking five blocks on unplowed  sidewalk and spent 15 minutes digging your car out of that parallel parking spot you shouldn’t have taken, the streets were a mess. But, my friends and I braved the blizzard in the name of good commercials and a good football game and a good dinner.


Buffalo Wild Wings was closed. So, we decided to meet at Chilis in Evanston. We made it to the parking garage, and not even the garage escaped winter’s grip.

We crossed the street and there was the white piece of copy paper, the memo that you only got when you had make the trek. Chilis was closed.

closed for Super Bowl

Finding a place to watch the Super Bowl was like a rescue mission. The only place open was a fancy restaurant and the movie theater. We were in a single file line, two of us in boots, two of us wearing sneakers, going around the corner to the only open sports bar. We made it.Thank you,dear bar, Bat 17 for being open and having TV and pool tables.

Of course one of the first commercials freaked us out with a fake power outage. Thank you, Chevy. But the game continued and for a moment we felt like we were dancing with Katy Perry as a California girl.

Mind you today still blew (pun intended). A client came into the office and said half the workers at O’Hare International Airport didn’t show up. She spent two hours in the plane on the runway because there was not enough people to open a gate.

“I wouldn’t fly until Wednesday,” she said, sunglasses in hand.

Commuting from work was like finishing an obstacle course. There were mountains of snow. Kids sat on snow piles as their parents dug out their car. Other moms lugged groceries in sleighs. Two vehicles were stuck within a half mile radius. The bus had been stuck in snow for 25 minutes and two guys were still trying to pull it out as I walked by.

Hours later and my feet are still numb and cold. It’s time to start lighting candles and making a makeshift fireplace.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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