The App That Helps Grow Your Instagram Following is Banned

The App That Helps Grow Your Instagram Following is Banned

There’s one thing you’ll learn when you’re looking for Instagram following secrets and blogger success stories and tips – and that is 1) they automate and 2) they delegate. One of the best secrets of the Instagram popularity world is Archie – until now.

In the world of influence, numbers matter. And bloggers and influencers and celebrities alike have been turning to a number of sources to inflate their numbers, their Istagram followers and likes. But, as I’ve built connections in the blogger community through groups like Chicagogrammers and through Chicago foodie brunches, I’ve noticed that they all seem to want to play fair.

So, on a platform where you have to get up early to scroll through and like and comment (the suggestion rate is 3 likes and 1 comment for someone to follow you, but to each their own), there was a better way – a more accepted in the Instagram community way – and that way was Archie.

Bloggers Share Why They Use Bots for Likes on Instagram: is a platform that helps grow your social media exposure. Essentially it likes photos for you on Instagram based on approved hashtags. It doesn’t comment.

According to Chicago Blogger, Erin’s Inside Job, she mentioned Archie as one of her secrets to maximizing her reach in a blog post:

“I have heard a number of social media presenters talk about growing their Instagram presence by spending hours of their time searching through hashtags and liking pictures. I’m sorry, but I really don’t have time to do that. I do spend time checking the site to make sure that the pictures I am liking align with my own brand and I will even head over to ones I especially like and leave a comment to start the interaction. For me, Archie simply helps cut down the time it takes for me to find like-minded people to start a conversation with!”

I liked her point of view, and I had seen a number of people use apps like Archie to like photos for them.

Another blogger, Maddy Osman from The BlogSmith wrote a detailed post outlining her hashtag strategy and how she uses Archie to maximize her social media presence. 

“Auto-liking, on the other hand, doesn’t come off any way but “interested.” A like is a show of support for a user’s content. People who are creating public content tend to appreciate a show of support. Archie once shared a statistic that claimed that for every 31 likes on average, you can expect a new follower. Oftentimes, a person who gets a like from someone they don’t know (especially if they don’t have a lot of followers) gets curious about the person who liked them. They might then investigate the account, enjoy the content, and follow for more.”

Are Using Bots Authentic?

In a community that is based on authenticity, is paying for a bot to like posts inauthentic?

Well, let me rephrase – how would you feel if you know someone liked your post themselves or if they liked it because you used a hashtag – not because they actually saw it? And that question begs – do you even care if someone actually liked it (because why are you using hashtags anyway?) or are you just thankful for the attention? I mean is using a bot more polite than using the hashtag #like4alike and other variations?

I always go back to that time I was dating someone and I noticed they texted me “Hey, how are you?” almost everyday. I was starting to think I was being autotexted. And that made the texts become meaningless to me. Let’s face it, if someone famous (with a verified account) likes something on social media or comments – you want it to come from the famous person, not the bot, right? But, then how do you get their attention – mining through hashtags all day is not the answer.

How Instagram works is confusing to a lot of people – most recently with the algorithm changes that are even banning people from using hashtags by not letting them show up in searches.

Instagram is Stopping Bots:

In a recent article, The New York Times reported that Instagram has been shutting down Archie and apps like it Instagress, PeerBoost, InstaPlus, Mass Planner and Fan Harvest – to name a few.

So, since Archie has been an integral way for bloggers and Instagrammers to grow their social media following – what’s next? How will this change your likes, follows, and comments moving forward?

Stay tuned for a follow-up article.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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