Summer 2018 Beauty Trends: From Aqua to No Makeup Makeup

summer 2018 beauty trends

As summer approaches, I find my beauty routine also shifts, I put my scarlet lipsticks to rest, and they are replaced with springy pinks and bronzy nudes.  I pull out the stronger sunscreen moisturizers in a conscious effort to keep my skin as young and radiant as humanly possible. Along with these typical summer transitions I make there are a few other trends I am loving for the 2018 summer season.

Aqua Eyeshadow:

Now we’re not talking Cher’s all over aqua shadow from the 70s. These colors should be used as an accent if you are new to more colorful makeup looks. Brands like Urban Decay have recently put out palettes sporting a beautiful range of sea blue shades more beautiful than the color of the Maldive waters.  If you had given me these pallets 4 months ago I wouldn’t have touched these colors but this season I am all about them. I personally love to use them under my eyes to add a pop of color.


Rusty Orange Shadow:

I’m sure we’re all very familiar with the phenomenon that is the Naked Heat Palette.  Every influencer created some kind of look using these beautifully warm shades. Although this palette launched last year I don’t see it falling out of rotation anytime soon.  The rusty orange shades are so beautiful with even the aqua trend, and can make any eye color really pop.


No Makeup Makeup:

This is definitely a no brainer summer trend.  I look forward to the days where I believe my makeup would literally melt off my face if I wore any.  I love summer for the opportunity to show off those freckles and the glow you get across the bridge of your nose from being in the sun.  I think along with really exposing your natural skin with a simple bb cream the very bold and unkempt brow will continue to be a summer staple.  Of course the queen of brows Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz is the perfect product to create the definition and fullness of the brow but I am also currently obsessed with Boy Brow by Glossier for it’s tiny brush that pushes your brow hairs into place and the product locks them there all day.  The tint to this product is also perfect for those days you can’t be bothered to fill your brows in or if you’re just blessed with beautiful brows.


Festival Glitter:

Coachella is kind of the queen of summer trends, we also look forward to it even if we’re not going to get a taste of the season to come.  Of course this year was a sea of cowboy boots and lingerie bodysuits. But there were some beauty trends that made a comeback that I’m really excited about.  As we all know Chicago is home to festivals like Mamby on the beach, Riot Fest, and the coveted Lollapalooza. These music festivals and really any summer concert is going to be a great opportunity to get a little wild and try out some glitter. In your hair is a really fun way to try out this trend.  French braids, or space buns with glitter down the part is such a fun look. Adding extra shimmery shadows in your eyelid crease to highlight your eye or even using glitter as a highlight on your cheekbones can give you that festival fairy vibe. My personal favorites are the BeautyMarks by Mr. Kate.  They are temporary tattoos she specifically designed for your face. They come in gold and silver as well as multi colored. Cut them in different shapes to place over your eyebrow or under your eyes, even on your eyelid for a really unique look.


Lastly, we’re bringing back the gloss this summer.  Now it’s a bit different from the stuff we slathered on our lips in elementary school.  Many brands have perfected the formula so that your lips are no longer glued shut but are still have that glossy shine.  With your no makeup makeup toss on a slightly coral tinted gloss for a super summer glow.

Jessa Lynn
Jessa Lynn

Jessa Lynn has loved fashion from a very young age, pushing the envelope on fashion norms since she could walk. She grew up traveling all her, and has has brought along a piece of each place with her in her ever evolving style. She’s passionate about style, positive living and the new arrivals at Sephora. You can hear more about her tips and reviews over on her blog, Dollface Diaries.  

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