Oars + Alps: Staying Fresh in the City with this Female-Founded Skincare Line

Oars + Alps: Staying Fresh in the City with this Female-Founded Skincare Line

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I joke that when I leave the house in the morning, I basically am taking a trip to a different city. My bag isn’t just my purse. It’s my gym bag, my lunchbox, my touch up box. And so when I was introduced to a new Chicago-based skincare line, Oars + Alps, I was excited to hear that they are made for people on the go in the city. Because guess what? This skincare line was made by two Chicago women who didn’t just want skincare products that smell nice or look nice, but go beyond vanity and are made chemical free to help heal your skin and put your best face forward.

I recently went back to school to get my marketing certificate at DePaul University. With three night classes, yoga classes at Bottom Line Yoga, and working on projects, I was excited to add Oars + Alps to my purse and my routine. And let me say, it’s been so easy to switch my skincare routine these past couple of weeks.

I tried a few different products from Oars + Alps which are now available at Target.

I ordered the peppermint charcoal bar soap, the eye cream, the charcoal face wash and the Hawaiian deodorant. One of my favorite parts about this brand is that their products are all natural and they created a guide for what natural ingredients they would include in their line. Charcoal – being one of my favorite on their ingredient list.

Charcoal Bar Soap:

I do like the charcoal movement. I had tried charcoal toothpaste a few years ago and I’m still slowly integrating it into my skincare routine. The first Oars + Alps product I tried was the charcoal peppermint bar soap and it’s one of my favorites. I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant at first because I usually use body wash. I was pleasantly surprised that this bar soap is not like the Irish spring soap, which can be debaliting. The charcoal bar soap took time to get use to because it exfoliates and cleans at the same time – so it was a bit rough. But I quickly adapted. The founders thought of everything. The charcoal helped to remove dead skin cells but the Shea butter left my skin feeling moisturized. In about 5 weeks, I went through the entire bar of soap. I kindof miss it, but I’m enjoying the moisturizing alps bar soap, which is such a different feeling. This bar soap isn’t rough at all. It literally feels like shea butter lotion in soap form.

Charcoal Face Wash:

The other product I liked was the natural charcoal solid face wash. The packaging made it so easy to take it with me to the gym and use it post workout. I would wet my face and take the charcoal face stick and rub it on my face. I used my fingers to rub it in and then washed my face with cold water. I feel refreshed every time and there’s no mess.

The Wake Up Eye Stick:

My favorite was the wake up stick. It’s cool on your skin, and I loved waking up to it every morning. I’m one of those people who can’t hide that I just woke up. You can hear it in my voice and seethe bags under my eyes. This stick is made to reduce fine lines and dark circles. I sometimes applied it before my night class as I ordered a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Oars + Alps Female Founded Startup:

I’m really excited that I got to test this skincare line. It’s made for a man but it’s also strong enough for women. In an interview with Forbes, co-founder, Mia Duchnowoski shared that 30 percent of the people who purchase Oars + Alps are women. I view it as more of a unisex brand. I really like their packaging, but since I’m a marketer, I also liked that I could tell this was clearly designed for a man – in fact, they only did focus groups with men. The scents are all natural, so when I used them I felt refreshed and even the deodorant was made to remove your body odor and not just soften it with another scent. I like that because with women’s skincare products, sometimes I feel like all the products’ scents compete with each other.

I’d like to cheers another successful female founded startup in Chicago! This company raised $2 million and launched their skincare line at Target in February 2019. To learn more about their skincare line visit Oars + Alps.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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