Save Your Purse: The New Must Have Accessory

Save Your Purse: The New Must Have Accessory

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Where is your purse right now?

Mine is sitting on the floor behind me. I can still feel my sister’s glare as she scolded me, “Don’t put your purse on the floor.”

There’s not always an empty chair or a hook to hang your purse. Can you picture it? You go into a bathroom stall. There is no hook. So, as you squat to relieve yourself, you hold your purse in the air like Simba in The Lion King or, you know, you just put it on the sticky bathroom floor.

We have all heard this. We invest in purses. We like purses, and yet they become dirty and ruined all too fast. And it gets worse.

Well, we can stop that. And we can stop that with an accessory. Meet Cyndi Heap. A mother of two, Heap watched her purses fall victim to dirt on bleachers and germs in shopping carts. She developed a solution called Wrapurse.

Wrapurse is a designer purse protector. This water-resistant, sleek protector, is available in several sizes to fit your clutch or over-sized handbag. Customize Wrapurse further with a merlot, black, or chestnut finish. Put this sleek and comfortable purse protector inside your purse. It comes in a small pouch  and when you are at a meeting or lunch, take it out and put it on the bottom of your purse.

Dedicated to her son with special needs, Heap partnered with, one of the programs at the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Ten percent of funds raised will help children in special needs. Wrapurse retails for $16-$22 online at You can also support her Indiegogo campaign.

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