Real Estate Professionals of Chicago Event Mixes in Men’s Fashion at BOGA

Real Estate Professionals at BOGA's event. Photo: Amanda Elliott

“Can I offer you some wine or vodka?”

Well, this is going to be an interesting mixer. I enter a small door in the west loop and turn a corner to what appears to be a service elevator. On the fifth floor I am met by a fashionable brunette. Behind her, is a European man with shinny, full-body blond hair perfectly framed in the picture for inspiration. Off to the side is a large work area lined with racks of momentary works in progress. I turn the corner and fine European clothing hang to my left, and fine business-savvy men similarly dressed are to my right. A platter of Old Fashions and Manhattan’s are strategically placed to liven this gem and transform it into a man’s cave for the evening.

It’s a Thursday evening, August 20, 2015. I am currently informed that I am the only woman to arrive, and in turn am the only woman to attend.

As a real estate professional, I thought that the playing field had been leveled in this industry. But, for this event in particular, I didn’t get the memo. My thoughts are interrupted by a smiling man, who hands me a freshly made vodka soda.

I am standing in one of the finest men’s clothing stores. BOGA (133 N. Jefferson), much like Frank & Oak, was exclusively available online. In this past year, BOGA has committed to one and only one retail store in Chicago. That retail store is this very one in the west loop.

Secluded, posh, and calming, BOGA’s ambiance is up to par with the quality of its European designed clothing.

Luxury Price Meets Luxury Clothes

Owner and visionary of BOGA, Jeff Burkard, took a fresh approach to luxury menswear. The Chicago-based company encompasses the class and luxury of fine Italian clothing, and is matched with a fitting price tag, much like the clothes you will take home.

I gather around one of the many groups of men. This group is complied of employees from the boutique realty group, Vesta Preferred. After exchanging niceties and travel adventures, we ventured off to take-in the clothes. We stopped at the dress shirts.

“How much do you think this costs?,” I posed the question to the group. I was standing in front of a mix of shoppers ranging from the bargain hunter to the man fanning Gucci (shoes).

The Express man said he didn’t pay over $50 for a dress shirt. The Gucci guy said he paid upwards of a $100. BOGA shirts range from $140-$290.

Our attention was turned towards the lead designer, who surprised us with a business card drawing. The two winning attendees were immediately measured for their very own custom BOGA dress shirt.

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