Queen B Brings Her Own Swimming Pool to Chicago

Queen B Brings Her Own Swimming Pool to Chicago

Okay, ladies.

Beyonce kicked off her Formation World Tour in Chicago on the second night starting with “Formation” on Saturday, May 28, 2016, at Soldier Field.

And we were ready to get in formation.

Everyone was slaying, especially the queen herself.

There were tears. There was laughter. There was a pool. There was confetti. There was latex. And that was just from Beyonce.

The Formation World Tour was a surprise to everyone when Beyonce dropped the announcement casually into the Super Bowl. She didn’t even have an album, just a song—a controversial song.

But Beyonce delivers with or without a dropped album.

Weeks before we had all sipped Beyonce’s bittersweet lemonade and now we were  ready for the concert.

Beyonce pulled from a variety of albums. She brought us back to “Survivor” and “Love on Top” and she even dropped to her knees to sing her favorite song to perform. I would have never guessed that that was Beyonce’s favorite song to sing. She earlier revealed that “All Night” was her favorite song on her album, Lemonade.

When Beyonce smiled the world smiled. You could tell how excited she was to perform. And when she cried, the group of women behind me said “Don’t cry, B! We love you!”

You could feel the connection that fans had with Beyonce as if she was there best friend.

As this was my first concert witnessing a superstar. I wanted to take you through my night.

First things first. Security was amazing and everyone was excited. My friend and I tried to find Beyonce shirts at Target, H&M, Old Navy, and Forever 21, but no one sold “Okay, ladies now let’s get in formation” or “I slay” shirts.

So, we approached the concert hopeful for a Beyonce shirt, but at $40 and more, we stayed in our casual sundress and tank top.

What do people wear to concerts?

The answer is simple. They wear whatever they wore that day or something for after the concert.


Two divas at the Beyonce Formation World Tour in Chicago at Soldier Field. Photo: Amanda Elliott


Or if you are fans, you and your girls dress up as lemons.


Fans dressed up as lemons for Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Photo: Amanda Elliott


The concert started at 7:30 pm with some of the best pump-up jams from a DJ. At this point, I had climbed all of the stairs to get the very last one up against the wall. I sat for a few seconds and it felt like I was on a roller coaster. Having a minor panic attack, I crawled to the side. The man beside me got up after twenty minutes, running down the stairs saying he was too close to airplanes up here. Yes, we were in that section.

So, after capturing the crowd saying, “I’ve got hot sauce in my bag,” I crawled down 60 flights of stairs and found the ledge where I stayed for the rest of the night. You know, away from the airplanes.

Waiting for Beyonce:

It was about 8:00 pm now and we waited and waited and waited till about 9:00 pm when the stage changed and Beyonce appeared.

She used a huge rectangle screen to make it a 3D experience. Beyonce performed most of her concert, but she also used imagery and presented videos from her life and from the Lemonade visual album.

Beyonce used a huge rectangle screen to present videos during her Formation World Tour. Photo: Amanda Elliott


Beyonce sang “Bootylicious” in a red latex suit with her backup dancers. Photo: Amanda Elliott


Beyonce Brought Her Own Swimming Pool:

The most surprising part of the night was when Beyonce’s backup dancers showed up on stage with knee pads and then danced in Beyonce’s swimming pool.

I thought it was so cool and so supernatural, that she brought her own swimming pool. During the Formation World Tour, she spotlighted the musicians such as the drummer and guitarist (for quite a while), giving tribute to musicians. But, she added the theatrics and the element of surprise with that swimming pool.

Beyonce brings her own swimming pool to Chicago for the Formation World Tour. Photo: Amanda Elliott

By the end of the night, as we lined up near the squad of girls dressed as lemons, I truly felt like Beyonce was speaking to me. She is as much as a diva as a motivational speaker, as a role model.


She ended the night with her song “Halo” and of course a firework display, and as Beyonce stood in her pool, she said if she could do this, then we could.


Beyonce sings “Halo” during her Formation World Tour in Chicago at Soldier Field. Photo: Amanda Elliott


Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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