Pray for Brussels: Terrorist Attacks in Belgium Felt in U.S. Cities

Pray for Brussels: Terrorist Attacks in Belgium Felt in U.S. Cities

This morning, while we thought we had a huge victory over terrorism this week with the capture of alleged Paris attack organizer, Salah Abdeslam, it was only in our minds.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Belgium Attacks:

While the federal prosecutor in Belgium confirmed that this morning’s attacks were acts of terrorism, it wasn’t until around 11:20 am CDT Tuesday, March 22, 2016 that ISIS confirmed responsibility for all three attacks, reports The Guardian. 

After sitting on the CTA redline train for nearly 45 minutes this morning to go to work, a commute that usually takes less than 15 minutes, I took a Snapchat about the delay and added it to my story. My friend messaged me about the news—the recent attacks.

Three explosions that ripped through the Belgian capital of Brussels on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, killed at least 34 people and wounded about 170 more, according to Belgian media, reports CNN.

Three Explosions in Belgium:

NPR clarified that the attacks were spread out – “There have been at least three explosions — two at the airport and one at a train station.”

The train attacks occurred at 9:11 am local time on the Maelbeek train station, approximately 7 miles from the Brussels airport, with people still trapped in the car at 12:45 pm, nearly two hours later, according to the Belgium news site, RTBF.

The first attack occurred near the departure section from a suicide bomber at the Brussels airport around 8:00 am local time. A video of the attacks and more information via NPR is here.

While the delays for 95th bound redline CTA riders were due to signal clearance at the Addison redline CTA and not due to heightened security, reports on multiple news sites have suggested that major U.S. cities have taken precaution with K9 units and increased security.

Two weeks ago, when I was in Paris, I was reminded of the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, as I stood by the memorial at Place de la Republique.

America has responded to these attacks and you can see how the presidential candidates are responding to the Brussels attacks via Slate.

Place de la Republique Photo: Amanda Elliott

Paris attack memorial. Photo: Amanda Elliott

Pray for Brussels:

And just like we prayed for Paris, our hearts are with Belgium as we pray for Brussels and all of those affected by these acts of terror.


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