Paradise Park: There’s a New Paradise That Everyone is Talking About

Paradise Park: There’s a New Paradise That Everyone is Talking About

I seriously thought I got invited to a Bachelor in Paradise party – but here I was at a Paradise Park party. It was nothing short of surprises. The restaurant is owned by the same people behind the infamous pizza parlor in Lincoln Park, Homeslice and the other one in Old Town, Happy Camper.

Depending on where you are sitting, you’ll have a different view. There’s literally a small camper in one section, flamingo chairs in other, lawn chairs for days as you move further. There’s a beautiful setting for a dinner party with flower petals; there’s your regular round tables with, of course, a disco ball to the side that lights up at night, and then there’s the dome. At this point, we haven’t event gone inside yet, we’re still in Paradise Park’s patio.

The Paradise Park Dome:

The dome is most notable because it’s basically a piece of construction, beautifully adorned with beads, and pillows for an intimate, bohemian dinner party – no shoes or silverware required.

You would think people would hangout there for hours, but a lot of people eat dinner at their table and then chat in the dome for a bit or take lots of photos because it’s the basically like Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms or Happy Place.

Cocktails in Wicker Park:

Paradise Park has the best cocktails. Even Eater Chicago put it on the Eater Chicago Bar Heatmap for September 2018.  The best is the Pink Flamingo and it actually comes with a pink flamingo straw. I also think you should try the Trashy Tea because it’s Instagrammable and delicious. I would skip the Matacha Mama – the matcha was a bit weak.

P.S. Go to the Bathroom – There’s Hot Guys There:

After dinner, we moved inside and feasted our eyes on the glitter wall – which every place needs. And you can’t forget about the bathrooms, which kindof brought me back to high school when people would make collages of their celebrity crushes. Each stall has a surprise for the girls (guys – I don’t know what you’re walking into). My favorite one was Michael B. Jordan – the boy is always in good shape and training (I heard he’s making Creed 2). Of course, others proffered the Dwight bathroom stall. It’s a must – and it’s the perfect was to end the night – talking about crushes.

Cheers to more cocktails and connections!


Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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