Osteria La Madia Italian Sunday Brunch in River North

Osteria La Madia Italian Sunday Brunch in River North

Can I get an egg on top of that?

There really was nothing that I didn’t enjoy at a recent media brunch at Osteria La Media (59 W. Grand Ave.)  in River North.

Something about a flower on every table, ready to serve Bellini, and background music that isn’t show tunes, makes me feel zen and happy on Sunday mornings.

The eggs were sensational, as was Chef Jonathan Fox, as was the ambiance at Osteria La Madia.

But most importantly, as all brunch spots should be, it was perfect for discussing what happened last night.

The Italian way is to sit and eat and talk for hours. And  Osteria La Madia has a special Sunday brunch from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm for you to get into all of the details of your Tinder dates, the new posh restaurant that we all will agree to try, and the height of the new guy at the table.

Italian Appetizers:

To start, our table received three appetizers for a family styled Sunday brunch in the city.

I’m Italian. So, when I saw prosciutto and melon on the table, I knew this was going to be an authentic Italian meal. Prosciutto is like special ham. You can eat way too much of it and it goes well wrapped around sweet melon or paired with bread.

Prosciutto and Melon. Photo: Amanda Elliott

The second appetizer we tried was seasonal fruit with house-made yogurt. I think everyone who has tried to eat yogurt for breakfast can agree that not all yogurt tastes the same. This yogurt was rich and thick and tasted fresh from the farm like the food I tried at Farmhouse. The oats and surprisingly, the grapes paired well with the house-made yogurt.

Seasonal Fruit and House-Made Yogurt. Photo: Amanda Elliott


The last part of our appetizers was the winter kale citrus salad with pineapple and house-made farm cheese. The dressing was light and the cheese paired well with the pineapples.

Honestly, when I think of brunch I think of bacon and eggs and maybe pancakes, but I really appreciated how the food at Osteria La Madia is flavorful, carefully prepared and most of all healthy.

Winter Kale Citrus Salad with Pineapple and House-made Farm Cheese. Photo: Amanda Elliott


When I think of Osteria La Madia, I think of eggs. The Italian restaurant recently added Sunday brunch to their menu, so the chef has been experimenting with a few dishes like the Chicken Rillette hash over Acabiatta sauce (pictured below).

My personal favorite creation is the breakfast pizza. Osteria La Madia  offers seven different pizzas like the Egg and Prosciutto di Parma and the 3 Hour Roasted Grape.  I would show you a picture, but it doesn’t do justice for how delicious it tastes. Osteria La Madia is known for its pizzas, and they did a great job transitioning a night-time favorite into a daytime must.

Chef Jonathon Fox is creating new dishes for the brunch menu. Photo: Amanda Elliott


Another one of my favorites was the Fried Egg Bruschetta, which is an Italian favorite with a breakfast spin. The bruschetta included ciabatta bread topped with garlic spinach, lemon aioli, bacon, house-made fennel sausage and fontina. For a savory brunch, I highly recommend Fried Egg Bruschetta. Plus, there’s always a Bellini to give you a touch of sweetness in the morning.

Fried Egg Bruschetta Photo: Amanda Elliott

Bellini Please:

At this media tasting, out table of six had a few Bellinis and mimosas.

Osteria La Media offers different juices including: peach puree, apricot puree, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, fresh squeezed orange juice,  and grapefruit juice. I am a Florida girl, so I naturally love the standard orange juice mimosas, but this time I tried something new.

Our table enjoyed the pomegranate Bellini and I spiced things up with a half orange juice and half pomegranate Bellini. Respectable people also had a cup of coffee on the side.

Bellinis at Osteria La Madia. Photo: Amanda Elliott



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