Nuvo: The Pink Drink That Makes Rappers Look Cooler

Nuvo: The Pink Drink That Makes Rappers Look Cooler

Usually, I smile at the lyrics of rap songs. They make me laugh.

“I run into these arms like Drano.”

“Open up your Mac Book; put me on your lap.”

So clever.

Rappers Like Their Alcohol Pink:

But, I did a double take on Jamie Foxx’s “Blame it,” and before I go any further, yes I think Jaime Foxx is an incredible actor, but an even better musician, thank you Chris Rock.

But in Jaime Foxx’s music video, T-Pain sings, “I’ma take a shot of Nuvo.”

Nuvo. The pink, irrefutable pink substance is his preference.

Despite the Barbie in a glass display, rappers think they gain awesome points by portraying a bottle….or 50 of Nuvo in their music videos.

While some place it in the background other singers feel that they need to do more than drink pink. They need to zoom in on the shape of the bottle like they usually would a woman’s curves.  Who knew French champagne would be the new man’s drink?

Music Videos with Nuvo:

Check out Posner’s game. Or perhaps

Or perhaps “Lovely,” which is only as good as the intro when they are sipping on Nuvo.

Wale unravels the bottle as if it was better than a woman’s frame.

A couple of takes of Nuvo in “Right Round” barely leverage this video from the mundane and cheap disco ball stage.

Flo Rida did a better job with “Who Dat Girl.”  Pain drinks the beverage in, “The Game.”

Nuvo is the only choice of beverage at the party in “By My Side.”

Kanye West and T-Pain clink Nuvo like bottles of bud in “Go Hard.”

Though not the main drink, Nuvo makes quite the appearance in “One More Drink.”

Random appearances are made in “Break Up”  almost as if Mario is toasting to his new state.

While the lyrics include “sipping on this gin,”All I Do is Win” features Nuvo, which contrasts their black and white attire.

“Down on Me,” by Jeremih.

But the most overdone display of Nuvo goes to T-Pain in his video, “Rap Song.” 

Female Rappers Who Like Nuvo:

Some women also decided to dress up their music videos such as Lily AllenMonica, and Lil Kim.

Pink Champagne Does Make You Cooler:

So, what do you think of the pink drink?

I have had it, and honestly, when I walked into a guy’s place and he had bottles of Nuvo, I thought it gave him cool points, much like these rappers.

Note: This post originally appeared in my first blog, but since people are still searching for it, I upgraded it to Windy City Cosmo. Cheers!

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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