Nike Spotlights Women in 2018 Chicago Marathon Ads

Nike Spotlights Women in 2018 Chicago Marathon Ads

There’s a surreal moment when you see a face you recognize downtown. It’s even more surreal when it’s one of your best friend’s face – blown up on a Nike Ad.

Throughout Chicago, Nike has done a few things to highlight Chicago women athletes. The first is they held a series of events around female runners and their new campaign – a crazy dream becomes reality when you just do it.

Chicago blogger, Amanda Elliott at the Nike HQ supporting Chicago Blogger, Sany from SanyDelight.

Friends Support Friend’s Crazy Dreams:

“Just do it” has become more than just a brand’s mantra. It became my mantra when I ran the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. During my runs, I reached out to other Chicago bloggers on social media who were running. One of them was Sany from Sany Delight Instagram.


This year, Sany’s tackling her second Chicago Marathon. She recently shared her story at the Nike Headquarters on Michigan Ave. and as a girl boss, you have to support other girl bosses and their accomplishments.

Windy City Cosmo, Amanda Elliott at Nike HQ for the 2018 Chicago Marathon.

I and some other bloggers including Marlena Begier from Style Your Passion, and Margaret from Marzlet Eats Chicago and Fenique from Chic in Chicago were all there as Sany was on a panel with three other women talking another how they turned dreams into a reality.

Chicago Women Talk Turning Dreams into Reality at Nike HQ:

The Nike panel on Thursday, September 27th included Chicago blogger, Hayet Rida, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Dalilah Muhammad, Jessica Garcia who helps high school students run the Chicago Marathon, and finally Chicago food and fitness blogger, Sany Nguyen of the Instagram account, Sany Delight. The panel was moderated by Nike Master Trainer, Emily Hutchins.

Sany talked about how she wasn’t a runner, but because she had so many injuries from sports, she picked it up. It was hard for her and it wasn’t her favorite, but she just does it. And now she’s running her second marathon with the help of Biofreeze.

Sany from Sany Delight partnered with Biofreeze to run her second marathon for the 2018 Chicago Marathon.

Dalilah talked about how all she’s been doing is running – that’s what you do when you’re an Olympic Gold Medalist. But now her running career is winding down and her crazy dream is to get into fashion.


Nike Ad Campaign features Chicago Bloggers:

Nike also ran an ad campaign throughout Chicago featuring Chicago women running the 2018 Chicago Marathon. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen because they’re real women in our community tackling long-term goals.

Photos include Sany from Sany Delight on 333 W Wacker.

Instagram influencer, Sany from Sany Delight featured on the Nike Ad for the Chicago Marathon.

It also featured model and actress and Founder of Style Your Passion, Marlena Begier. Her Nike ad is located on State Street and Washington.

Instagram influencer and model, Marlena featured in the Nike Ad for the Chicago Marathon 2018.

And Health and Fitness Blogger of Britness, Brittany Tempest was also featured in the Nike Ad in Lakeview.

Chicago fitness and health blogger featured in the Chicago Marathon 2018 Nike Ads.

I love how the city of Chicago and Nike embraces athletes and supports each other and our crazy dreams. Good luck to everyone running on Sunday, October 7th!

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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