Ne-Yo ‘Non-Fiction’: The Private Concert at AT&T Michigan Avenue

Ne-Yo ‘Non-Fiction’: The Private Concert at AT&T Michigan Avenue

The AT&T on Michigan Avenue did something remarkable and they did it well. One Friday night as my friends and I were waiting for a table at The Grand Lux Cafe, we wandered next door to AT&T to charge my phone. While we were there, they announced over the loud-speaker to come to the front to claim free Ne-Yo tickets. The solicitation was real and the journey to get them was not only achievable, but fun.

The AT&T employees handed us bright, orange ornaments and gave us 20 clues to solve for a scavenger hunt. We only had to solve four of them. Then,we had to take a picture with the ornament and the location and post it to Twitter with the hashtags: #spon, #magicalgifts and then, tag: @ATTMichiganAve. Our prize: two Ne-yo tickets per winner next Saturday night (December 6, 2014). We had to do this.

The AT&T Scavenger Hunt:

On a cold December day, my friend and I met at the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, the first clue, and then mapped out our journey to the other three locations to end up at AT&T on Michigan Avenue to claim our tickets. From the first clue to the last, it took us 40 minutes.

First Clue: Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Second Clue: Trump Tower

Third Clue: American Girl Place

Fourth Clue: Water Tower Place

If you missed the scavenger hunt, you could have still won tickets at the Magical Gifts event Friday morning before Saturday’s show. Of course, you could also win a Michigan Ave. shopping spree while you were there. Later, we saw the free tickets selling for $75 to $200 on Craigslist.

Ne-Yo ‘Non-Fiction’: The Private Concert:

Saturday was the big day for the private concert. We decided to bring friends to the show. We started the evening with dinner at Panera Bread, and then walked past the ice skating rink at Millennium Park and took pictures next to every Christmas tree on our way to the AT&T on Michigan Avenue, which is near the very end of the street.Ne-Yo 'Non-Fiction' Performance

There was a huge line and people were rocking dresses or keeping it cozy in jeans and jackets. The energy was amazing. About 150 fans showed their tickets and staked their table or gathered around the stage. I was at the table next to the VIP lounge and Ne-Yo walked right past me. This is when I discovered that Ne-Yo is short—stylish and talented, but short.

I was a few feet away from him as he waited to go on stage. He first did an interview with Leon Rogers from the radio station, WGC 107.5, as fans asked Ne-Yo questions via Google+. Then, he did a meet and greet in the VIP lounge. We sipped on our Cokes and danced to the DJ set. The momentum was building. It was nearly 9 pm and we had been there for about an hour.

IMAG8725[1]It was finally time for the performance. Wardrobe change. Ne-Yo walked past me again. As he waited to go on stage, he blew me a kiss and did a signature Ne-Yo dance move.

Ne-Yo can perform. He didn’t need any back up dancers. He had us all swaying our hands in the air to throwback songs like “Because of You”, and then dancing to songs from his upcoming album, Non-Fiction, which debuts this Tuesday, January 27, 2015. The set was about 45 minutes. It was a great way for Ne-Yo to resurface and it was an exciting Saturday night in the city.

AT&T Michigan Ave. hosted a lot of events in 2014, and they have done a great job with adding to festivities for Michigan Avenue shoppers and Chicagoans alike.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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