Life Hack: Breakfast You Can Make In 5 Minutes For Work

Life Hack: Breakfast You Can Make In 5 Minutes For Work

I pick up most of my life skills from television shows, namely Gilmore Girls. So, I always carry a book with me, and I drink coffee in the morning because it makes me feel important like Lorelai Gilmore.

If being an adult is drinking Peet’s or Starbucks coffee every morning, then I am a master at being an adult. But after the sugar was too high and my bank account was too low, I decided to grow up further and actually add nutrition—not just caffeine to my morning ritual.

You can stop the image in your mind of fresh-pressed orange juice and The New York Times.

Despite the great reviews of turning yourself into a morning person, it has yet to be a habit of mine. Even if I wake up an hour early, I still struggle to get everything done that I am supposed to do. I think it’s reverse psychology. You think you have so much time, and then you wasted it on your hair and dancing to Rihanna’s new song.

So, to help a friend out, I have five ideas for an easy breakfast that is healthy, quick to make, and most importantly, portable.

And no, I didn’t just put avocado toast on the list. Though it is on the list because it really is that good and filling.

All of the foods can be prepared in less than five minutes either the night before or in the morning in between straightening your hair.

Read the full article, “5 Lazy Breakfast Hacks To Start Your Day Right” on Slant News.

What is your favorite breakfast food?

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