I Prefer Holiday Parties Where Dradles and Christmas Trees Dance

I Prefer Holiday Parties Where Dradles and Christmas Trees Dance

Christmas is about magic and there’s nothing more magical than Macy’s at Christmas time.

I have seen a few magical parties this year like Paris in Chicago with  Bel Brands, and and of course, my first Daybreaker, but this was by far the most magical dance party, ugly Christmas sweater style.

It all started at 6:00 am when I was greeted by an oversized sign labeled “ugly holiday sweater,” with an elf below it for the Ugly Holiday Sweater Party by Macy’s and Daybreaker. It was held at Macy’s flagship store on State Street in Chicago.

Me and my Twitter giveaway winner, joined the crowd in the elevator with a group of girls with yoga mats.

We ask if we should be doing this right now.

“I always carry a yoga mat with me at Macy’s,” I said, “I go into downward dog and breathe in and out before maxing out my credit cards for Christmas gifts.”

The girls laugh and the doors open. We are met with a festive holiday group waiting for coat check.


Two people, dressed as presents, smile and encourage us to be in the present.

Those same presents joined me in a vinyasa flow twenty minutes later.

But before the party started at 6:00 am, my giveaway guest and I went back to bed followed the path to a pile of giant pillows.


Macy’s and Daybreaker had a photobooth set up and printed our photos.

It was Vinyasa time.

Yoga Six came back again to instruct us through a vinyasa flow.

This flow had deep twists, deep breaths, and persistent flows. My favorite was when she made us sleigh bell foward and back into downward dog. It sounds so much better than “plank”. She also had us do the tree pose and breathe out “ho”.

It was festive but most importantly effective. I was able to loosen my body and loosen up.

About 10 minutes before 7:00 am, we were ready for faster beats from my new favorite djs, Win + Woo. They know how to drop EDM beats and switch to old school, shake that laffy taffy songs.


We formed a circle as usual and that’s when the Christmas tree started dancing with the dradle, right below the stage.

On the stage, a group of the most incredible spirited dancers, reved up the party.


We could keep going. But we grabbed a vanilla protein shake and stood in a short line to get something holiday painted on our face. A girl came up to me with a penguin drawn on her nose. The girls behind me brainstormed Christmas lights down their arms.

Since I had to be at work in two hours, I opted for stars and blue fairy dust on the edge of either eye. Let me tell you on the streets of Chicago everyone was smiling at me. It was magical.

We ended the party with glitter bombs, selfies at the ho, ho, ho sign and a $10.00 gift card from Macy’s.

Thank you, Daybreaker and Macy’s, for always throwing magical parties and helping us believe. Fifty percent of each ticket sales was donated to The Make a Wish Foundation.

Daybreaker returns in January. To join in the morning dance party movement, get Chicago Daybreaker tickets.

Merry Christmas!

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