I Know You Want Me, But Showing Up at Work is Not Appreciated

Unwanted Direct Mail

You crossed a line. I know I see you (infrequently). I tend to get wrapped up in your offers and spend a weekend debating if you are the right choice. But let’s make it clear, I don’t want anyone else to know about us—especially work.

You showing up unannounced is like pulling an Ashley Madison. It’s embarrassing; it’s insulting. We were supposed to be private, but here you are attaching my name to you for the whole office to see.

I didn’t give you that information. I never gave you my office address. How did you even find me?

The moment you become a stalker is the moment we are done. DONE!

Okay, I am being irrational. I know you had good intentions. You wanted me to feel special. You like the element of surprise. But, I don’t want you like this. Your special offer can wait. You just had to find a way to stand out.

Well, you stood out. You stood out crystal clear.

I’m not your little angel anymore.



I understand that we all want names and addresses. We want to grab our target market’s attention. And quite honestly, Victoria’s Secret did just that. But, they did it in the worst way possible. There are innocuous brands such as Target, but then there are other brands that should know better than to flippantly send mail.

We all have a message we want to send, but consider the channel. A letter from certain brands sent to an office address sends the wrong message.

Victoria’s Secret is a well-known brand. It’s not porn. It’s not questioning my morality, but it is an intimate apparel shop. The last thing I want anyone—especially since I work with all men—to think about is my intimate apparel.

My office address may appear residential, but even still, I have NEVER divulged any personal information to Victoria’s Secret. So, my question is how did they find that information?

It’s not professional, it’s not polite, and much like the brand, it’s not decent.

As a marketer, what do you think about before affixing a stamp?

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