How to be the Perfect Host “Kocktails With Khloè” Style

How to be the Perfect Host “Kocktails With Khloè” Style

I’m going to talk about it because nobody else is. And that’s probably why it was cancelled after one season.

Do you need a drink?

Is your dress see-through?

Then, you are the perfect guest for Khloè’s spin on talk shows, Kocktails with Khloè.

The show taught me many things, but the main thing was that drink and game nights are the only real way to get to know someone.

After watching several episodes of Kocktails with Khloè, I have learned How to Host a Dinner Party:

Talk Up Your Party:

I think Khloè did an awesome job of promoting her show. She wore the perfect outfits. She had the sympathy card with her estranged husband’s health, so her talking about that and her book and her housewarming show really gave it the personal touch.

Having several things going on that people can ask you surface level questions about it is a perfect recipe for a cocktail party.

Wear Something  That People Will Talk About:

My favorite part of the show was Khloè Kardashian’s outfits. She really puts on the cocktail dress with the low v-neck.  I think this show did wonders for her style and for expressing her individuality.

Plus people like to get dressed up. When you dress the part, it makes your event more important.

Hire a Hot Bartender to Help Co-Host:

While every Kardashian wants attention, it’s important to add a dynamic and some eye candy.

Like every good host, Khloè has a hot bartender who makes the specialty cocktails of the night. Her guests are kind enough to bring homemade food or whatever brand of alcohol the rapper is promoting.

Know When to Leave:

You don’t need the hint or someone to call you an Uber home. Just know when to shut a party down and when to leave.

The show tried too hard at times, with appearances from family guests and friends, but I think it really was a great concept.

If anything,  Kocktails with Khloè made me want to get a big house to host Cocktails with Windy City Cosmo.

And like every good cocktail party, Khloè got people together to have a few drinks, talk about ridiculous things and most importantly give them fodder for their Instagram feeds.

Cheers, Khloè. Thanks for the Kocktails.




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