How it feels to experience a sunny day in Seattle

How it feels to experience a sunny day in Seattle

When you wake up and go outside and it’s sunny in Seattle – you can’t help but smile. You meander through the streets and see the sunlight peaking out and you immediately walk towards the warmth. 

I recently took my first trip to the Pacific Northwest and after one day of the rain and cold, I couldn’t rationalize my move from Florida to Chicago. How did Chicago’s weather not affect me so much?

Seattle was so perfect, but I couldn’t get past the weather. It was like Chinese torture because it would rain. Stop. Rain again. Stop. Rain some more. And then freeze. 

Seattle is not a city of umbrellas, just baseball caps and jackets.

Seattle is gorgeous in its own right. It has so many coffee shops because without them everyone would be curled up in bed all day with a book. 

The locals don’t fight the weather. They have a positive mindset and smile and take your order or give you directions. But they have a sense of humor. They aren’t just nice, they are sarcastic and real. 

So as I took in the sunshine, I wanted to share with you how it feels to experience a sunny day in Seattle.

I am currently at the bay, experiencing the abstract art at Olympic Sculpture Park. I found a break in the path that led to a small rocky beachside. I like sitting on the rocks watching sea otters flip through the waves. I like hearing the waves so close to me as I sit on a big uncomfortable rock.

I like seeing the sun through the clouds and then feeeling it’s brightness on my eyes and it’s warmth on my legs as I recover from the chills of the storm – or as most would see it – an average day in Seattle.

I like looking out and seeing big white, puffy clouds and rich green grass. I like smelling firewood. I like getting excited about having coffee in the morning and stumbling upon all those places I’ve read about.

I like feeling the excitement and hearing the chants after a Seahawks game and seeing everyone wearing a shirt and an old man talking about his season passes

I did like taking a ferry to an island and talking to the girl with purple hair who gave me crab risotto on a gloomy day. 

I like books stores. I like activism. 

I like the intellectual conversation. I like the causal, but cool style.

But I like that when it’s sunny in Seattle, I can climb up the streets and down them.

I can walk up the residential streets of Queen Ann to Kerry Park and look over at a sunny Seattle.

I like continuing my journey to the Space Needle and though, not impressive, the surrounding pop art museum and science museum and the Chihuly gardens and the fountain were all worth the visit on a sunny day in Seattle.

I like sitting in the living room at 6 am to read the New York Times and look out and over to see the sun rise. I like staying in a mansion on top of a hill where I can walk to one of the most picturesque parks – Volunteer Park, where you can climb up a tower to see the sunrise and then climb down and sit on a sculpture and lookout around the surrounding forest and blocked off water.

I like art. I like the man painting a mural on a Monday morning. And most importantly I like taking a moment to be happy to see the sun. To smile and go to the bridge and lookout over a new city.

I really do like to explore. And yes I like to relax at night or on a beach and do absolutely nothing. But I really liked walking 29 miles in 48 hours to see the man painting a sculpture or the other man eating a Washington apple or the men throwing salmon at Pike Place Market.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

Amanda Whitfield is a writer and speaker and a relationship builder. She believes that meeting people in person is important. After attending numerous fashion, startup, and creative events, she founded Windy City Cosmo is 2015 to help people make connections in the city as they build their businesses, start and end relationships and see and be seen. Over the past three years, the entrepreneurs she’s interviewed have become the most successful in Chicago and Windy City Cosmo won an award in 2017 for her work for female entrepreneurs.

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