Holistic Health Coach Talks Mental Health During COVID-19

mental health during CVOID-19

Being home during COVID-19 can be stressful and take a unique toll on yourself and your family. Now is the time more than ever to take care of your mental health and physical health.

Just because we are isolated doesn’t mean we need to feel isolated or alone. So here are 5 tips to help you during this time.


Our mental health routine is very important. We don’t always realize how routine plays a big role in our day to day life. So being home working or not, having a healthy routine will help to keep us all sane. For example, if you normally shower and get ready for your day in the morning, still do that. Even if you’re not working in the office right now, our brains are trained to be in work mood when we get dressed. 

If you’re not working at all right now, set a schedule for yourself with goals or projects to get done. If you workout in the morning or at 6pm at night, continue that. There are great home workouts that are free online since gyms and studios are shut down. Your body knows that physical routine and will continue to thrive in it.   

Keep Your Brain Busy

It’s very easy to sit on the couch all day and eat when we are feeling bored. We want to try to avoid falling in this pattern. Keeping our brain busy and active is so crucial.  If we don’t keep our minds busy it can throw off our sleep patterns, body rhythm and we will feel that boredom. Keep busy with puzzles, brain games,  projects, and setting small goals or tasks for ourselves to keep busy daily. 


It is equally as important that we keep a healthy sleep schedule. You can wake up an hour later if you tend to get up extra early like 5 am, but for the most part, we want to rise with the sun to help keep a balanced circadian rhythm. Our sleep patterns directly affect our physical health, and our bodies thrive when it’s on a good schedule. Too much TV or Technology time can also throw off our sleep, so limiting that time in front of the screen.  

Fresh Air 

Being locked up in our homes can cause depression with the lack of sunlight and fresh air. If you have a backyard or balcony spend time outside. I would say at least 1 hour a day and you can break that up into 20 min at a time, or if you can work comfortably outside for longer definitely do so.  Fresh air and sunlight are great for our mental, physical health and helps to boost immunity system.

If you don’t live in the Sunshine State and it is too cold to sit outside, opening the windows to your home for 20 mins at a time to air out your home and let some fresh air in would be just as helpful. That stale air isn’t healthy to sit in all day which is why a healthy dose of fresh air and sunlight is key.


If you are stuck in the house with your family or significant other don’t feel pressure to spend every moment with them. We need to have our own schedules and projects going on. If you have your kids with you, talk to your partner about taking turns with the kids while you do something on your own and then switch. Now I’m don’t not saying don’t spend any time with your family, but we need our time to decompress and connected with ourselves too (music, reading, writing, yoga, etc). Have family time apart of your day is just as important, enjoying that extra connection with your loved ones will be more valued when you have it to look forward too.  

If you’re single or living alone, taking that extra time to connect with friends or family, we have this great luxury to be able to communicate through email, phone, and video calls. If you normally talk to friends or family members once a week, trying twice a week or more if you can. Share stories, talk about your day, your thoughts. Whatever comes to mind.

Just because we are isolated doesn’t mean we need to feel isolated or alone.   

Mental Health Checklist

I hope this helps you with your physical health and mental health during COVID-19.

1) Routine, things to look forward too and get done 

2) Brain Games, use it or lose it 

3) Sleep, rise with the sun and get more done

4) A healthy dose of fresh air and sunlight is key 

5) Connect with yourself and loved ones 

Rebecca Ratto
Rebecca Ratto

Rebecca Ratto is a certified Holistic Health Coach in South Florida. After battling Crohn’s Disease for most of her life, she turned to holistic health to strengthen her immune system and increase her quality of life. After realizing its transformative power, she educates and empowers others with sustainable food, herbal remedies, and developing a strong mindset. Rebecca enjoys cooking gut-healing meals, meditating, going to the beach, and doing acro yoga. You can follow her on Instagram at @BeautifullyBuddha.