He’s Flakier Than a Croissant

City Dating: Making Plans with a Flaky Man

There are 24 hours in a day. So, when you say, “let’s hangout on Sunday,” please allude to brunch or dinner. P.S. who hangs out on Sunday night? Moving on.

Men are notorious for a) making a vague reference to hanging out on one day sans a specific time, and b) not following thru.

Dating in the city is interesting. It’s easy to get a guy’s attention, but like all things, it’s hard to keep it.

The Vague Texts:

It’s Sunday. You’ve talked about meeting today. It’s supposed to be your first date or first meeting or first encounter, whatever laymen terms you want to insert.

It’s after 1:00 pm, so you make the first move. “Hi.”

Three minutes later, he texts, “Hey.”

You feel good. It’s going somewhere.

Two hours later you call. Yes, you call because it’s the day you both planned to hangout and you haven’t moved past “hi.”

Two hours after that, which makes it well into the night in Sunday terms, he texts, “Sorry, I was on a boat. What are you doing?”

One hour later you acknowledge that he acknowledged that he was in the wrong. But you aren’t going to pretend that you are still going to meet today.

You text back, “Cool.” Translated: “What was that?”

This happened for three more Sunday’s. THREE. And guess what? I still have not met him.

Flaky, my dear. Flakier than a croissant.

A Day of the Week is Not Plans:

Technically, you cannot get mad. You cannot. Why? Because you didn’t solidify plans. You simply mentioned a day of the week.

“Let’s hangout Sunday” is not plans. It was  goal setting, if you will. Add it to those nice thoughts along with,”I am going to stop drinking,” or “I won’t date any more.”

Lesson learned, if he cannot say simple things like, “Dinner at 7 at The Dock” or “Drinks at Violet Hour at 9,” then move along.

He is going to be another name in your phone that you cannot remember just like the plans he couldn’t.

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