Gucci’s New Marketing Campaign Gets Basic

Gucci's Meme Marketing Campaign on Instagram

In a high-end world, maybe it’s basic posts that will resonate with your audience the most. 

Gucci started a new marketing campaign on Instagram turning its luxury brand into a cheeky meme.

Using the hashtag: #TFWGucci, Gucci worked with international meme creators and artists including Polly Nor, Amanda Charchian, Goth Shakira and Olaf Breuning to showcase Gucci’s timepieces. Each meme is witty and in the caption, Gucci describes the artist’s intentions as if we were at an art museum.

I think their campaign works because while being amusing and relevant, it also resonated with the Gucci brand of being classy and intellectual. Even Mashable gave Gucci an “A+ for effort” while at this same time the marketing campaign is making people “cringe.”

Below are a few of my favorites. What do your think of Gucci’s meme campaign?

“When you go to spin class to escape time but your glam is infinitely on point.”

#TFWGucci The work of LA-based artist @amanda_charchian is characterized by her uniquely female-focused approach to the Surrealist tradition. With mysterious, witchy characters—think a crystal-incrusted spider sculpture that trembles in the wind, or a circle of ginger women linked together by their braided hair—they’re impossible to forget. It’s no wonder that her career spans both the fine art and commercial fashion world, and has included both gallery shows and editorial commissions for Vogue Italia. Her collaborative memes for #TFWGucci with the hilarious @textsfromyourexistentialist create a feminine duo: sensual, funny, and unapologetic, with an underlying darkness from the eponymous philosophy. – Text by @tatianaberg. Discover more through link in bio.

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