From Nasty Woman to President: The Road to the 2016 Election

From Nasty Woman to President: The Road to the 2016 Election

This election has been one of the most disgraceful elections. From Federal investigations to rape allegations, the words have not only been vulgar, they’ve been nasty.

The 2016 election is an important day in America. Unlike holidays where you can show up and drink, it’s really a moment where we have to reflect on where we are and where we want to be in terms of immigration, the economy, women’s rights, LGBT rights, veterans, people with disabilities, healthcare, education, national security and foreign policy. It’s not only at the federal level in the White House, but also in the senate and the House of Representatives down to our judges and other local officials.

And so, as I stood in the voting booth today, I wanted to go through some of my favorite moments of this election – these are the clips and the skits and the concerts and the words that really defined this election and how I decided to choose who I would want to be president.

So, here we go, a look at the defining moments of this 2016 election:

Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama’s speech

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention

“I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves,” she said. “And I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States. So, don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great, that somehow we need to make it great again, because this right now is the greatest country on Earth.”

Bill Clinton’s reaction to balloons at the Democratic National Convention

LeBron James Letter Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama’s speech about women in response to Trump’s “Grab them by the…”

“The fact is that in this election, we have a candidate for President of the United States who, over the course of his lifetime and the course of this campaign, has said things about women that are so shocking, so demeaning that I simply will not repeat anything here today. And last week, we saw this candidate actually bragging about sexually assaulting women. And I can’t believe that I’m saying that a candidate for President of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women,” she said.

Hillary Clinton’s Shimmy

Bad Ombre

Nasty Woman

People lose their mind that Donald Trump will not state that he will accept if he loses and Hillary Clinton wins

SNL’s debate recaps – and seeing Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

The KKK endorses Donald Trump, meanwhile, all of these newspapers have endorsed Hillary Clinton

The FBI re-opens Hillary Clinton’s emails

Barack Obama’s Taco Speech

Barack Obama’s radio ads on PandoraΒ the week before the election

Seth Meyer’s video goes viral of his Closer Look segment on Trump vs. Clinton

The candidates are both in New York and we wait for the President of the United States to be announced.

Honestly, it’s been one of the most watched election season. It’s been a battle of what abortion means. What a wall would mean and who would pay for it. How emails are the worst way to communicate. What it’s like to demean women and Muslims. How to keep one’s composure. How to wear a pantsuit and how to throw a concert in those pantsuits.

Here’s to our next president, America’s 45th president.

In Chicago, here’s a list of bars for election watch parties tonight. History will be made tonight. Let’s find out if we will be making America great again or if we will be stronger together.

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