Fourth Annual Zombie Pub Crawl in Wicker Park

Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl Photo: Amanda Elliott

Outside looked like the end of the world, and for some it was at the Fourth Annual Zombies Vs. Vampires Crawl on Saturday, October 24, 2015 in Wicker Park.

The pub crawl started at 2:00 pm, which was early. It was really early, especially for those who were still feeling the effects from last night.

Chicago Pub Crawl Zombies on Milwaukee Ave. Photo: Amanda Elliott
Chicago Pub Crawl Zombies on Milwaukee Ave. Photo: Amanda Elliott

People came between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to check-in at Halloween Hallway (1355 N. Milwaukee Ave.). Groups of zombies and vampires took over the telephone booth and Milwaukee Avenue while taking group photos and selfies. But, inside the bars, there was a light flow.

The various stops on the pub crawl helped to spread out the crowd and make for a tame afternoon, and a more festive evening. Bars started to crowd around 5:00 pm. The crawl ended at 8:00 pm with an after party at Emporium at 8:30 pm.

The Bars:

  • Nick’s (1516 N Milwaukee Ave.)
  • Flat Iron (1565 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
  • Tavern (1958 North Ave.)
  • Standard (1332 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
  • Emporium (1366 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
  • Swig (1469 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
  • Pint (1547 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

There were special zombie cocktails and vampire cocktails as well as Fireball shot specials.

Zombie Make-up Artist:

The crawl began at Halloween Hallway. People were already dressed as zombies with full make-up. But, for those who didn’t know how to do costume make-up, there was an on-site artist who would paint your face for free.

She was one of the coolest aspects of the pub crawl. After seeing my face when zombies walked by, she transformed me into a tame zombie.

Best Dressed Zombies:

There were a lot of creative costumes for the crawl. Even midday, people came in torn jeans, stitched jackets, and smoky faces. One participant dressed as a zombie lifeguard. She is a swim teacher and used that as inspiration for her outfit. For her prop, she used a blue blanket and affixed it with white athletic tape. To maintain the shape, she placed a wire hanger under the blanket.

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