Do You Lie Within the First Ten Minutes?

Do you lie when you meet someone new?

They say that you are more likely to lie within the first 10 minutes of meeting someone new.

After exiting the bus, a man approached me and began to walk alongside me.

“Hi. My name’s Charlie. What’s yours?”

I think to myself,  “Should I give him my real—”

“Amanda,” my voice blurts out.

He touched me ever so slightly, “Ladies walk on the inside.”

“Have you had dinner tonight?”

“Why, no I am actually starving,” I think to myself.  But, I answer, “Yes, I just came from dinner.” Lie one.

“Do you have family here?”

“No.” I managed to say.

He has a similar story.

“Are you that tall or is it the heels?” he continues.

“It’s the heels, but I prefer to be this tall.”

“Good. I was wondering if you wouldn’t go out with me because I was shorter.”

Awkward smile.

I start to speed up.

“You look nice,” he continues.

“Are you free to go out for dinner or are you seeing someone?”

“I am seeing someone.” Lie two. 

“Oh, I just gave you an excuse to say that you were seeing someone else.” He caught my lie.

I politely smiled and walked the other direction.

Photo Credit: lies via photopin (license)

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