Make a DIY Oreo Halloween Costume

DIY Oreo Halloween Costume - Windy City Cosmo

You know it’s a last-minute costume when you take a blow dryer to it to speed up the drying process.

Everyone is talking about Disney – I mean when are we not. But this was the year of Aladdin and The Lion King. And so of course I thought it would be the year I go as Princess Jasmine – or the Carpet.

But, this year, I wanted to be something different. And somehow, I got the idea to be an oreo. I have looked at Pinterest Halloween costumes and this was something I could make and it would actually look like a Halloween costume. The cowgirl costumes can only take you so far.

And because I’m a last-minute person, and people are now having three weekends of Halloween parties (seriously Halloween has become a month long celebration), I wanted to share how to make a last-minute Halloween costume that comes off as somewhat original.

Materials for the Last Minute Halloween Costume:

I saw this couple’s costume that I really liked – it was Oreo halves. I thought it would be cute to go as an Oreo half and call it “looking for my other half.”

There’s a lot of options and suggestions for making this costume – which makes it a great last minute Halloween costume.

  • A white dress or shirt shirt and black skirt/pants
  • A white hat
  • A piece of cardboard (can be poster board, can be a box from that Amazon order)
  • white/silver sharpie/marker
  • String
  • Scissors

Note: You can be extra and buy felt or buy a can of black paint at Lowe’s or you can be basic and buy a black poster board. You can’t buy spray pant in Chicago, so I’m going to stop you right there.

Making the Costume:

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, congratulations you’ve done the hardest part – you started.

For me, this meant a trip to Target for a hat and a white shirt. A trip to Lowe’s for a paintbrush, black paint, and string, and the original trip to Walgreens for cardboard and a black poster.

Making the Base:

Cut your cardboard into a circle. We did this by cutting a piece of string and holding it in the center and then tracing a circle. Ah geometry, it came in handy.

Then, we used a scissor to cut out the circle. Next we took the paint and painted both sides black.

This was seriously a last-minute costume so this whole wait 30 minutes for paint to dry thing was not going to work. I took a blow dryer out and was on to the next step.

Drawing the Oreo:

If you are crafty/handy, this will be fun, but if you are me, then you can feel at ease knowing the Oreo cookie design is basically a bunch of triangles. I used a pencil to trace out the design and then used the white sharpie to fill it in.

The Arms:

One of the tricky parts was cutting the holes in the Oreo to attach the string. We measured out the string so the costume would function like putting on a backpack when I put it on.

As an extra step, I painted the white string black on the outer part so it would blend in with the background.

Get Dressed:

The last step is to change into your costume and take lots of photos because you look so cute.

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Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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