Colombian Food in Chicago: Epic Margaritas and Dance Floor

Colombian Food in Chicago: Epic Margaritas and Dance Floor

I was in love with this Colombian restaurant from the moment I saw walls made out of pennies and men with margaritas. There are three things every Chicago city girl wants when she goes out on the weekend.

The first is good drinks. Like a martini or a margarita. We like them refreshing as we like them fruity as we like them picturesque.

The second thing is ambiance. We like a cool sign, different decor. Something to text our tinder boys about or at least we do it for the gram.

The last is a dance floor. I get that we are sophisticated, but we’re also fun. And there’s nothing more fun than dancing the tango.

Pueblito Viejo is an authentic Colombian restaurant with international music, a full-service bar, and live entertainment. And here you have all three elements to make one epic girls night. And I’m not just imaging this girls night. I saw it happen before my very eyes.

The woman next to us leaned over and asked us if we were on our first date.

My friend and I met her whole group of about 15 women. She was part of a group of mothers raising interracial children.

It was mom’s night out, and that met a couple rounds of margaritas. My friend and I were in. We started off with a martini – the bartender makes a fabulous French 75 and some apps. Here you won’t find salsa and chip or tacos, but what you do find are mouth watering gordita’s and empanadas.

There are so many good dishes to choose from on the menu. It is filled with traditional dishes, using high-quality, locally sourced products. Classics include Bandejas, seasoned skirt steak served with red beans, rice, fried pork rinds, sweet plantains, egg, and arepa; Churrascos, flame grilled outside skirt steak, with fried sweet plantains, cassava, salted boiled potatoes and chimichurri; and Sanchochos, rich beef rib stew with potatoes, cassava, green plantains, and corn.

After some light bites, we went big and had the most amazing steak on the menu – Churrasco Pueblito Viejo. This steak came out on a huge wood tray plated with fried sweet plantains, cassava, salted boiled potatoes, and chimichurri. We couldn’t even finish half of it – so if you order this, I suggest sharing it.

Then we couldn’t turn down one of the most classic margaritas on the menu, which came with an upside down beer poured halfway into it. It was epic to hold and even more fun to drink in between runs to the dance floor.

Pueblito Viejo is a family-run and operated Colombian restaurant, envisioned by owner Gonzalo Rodriguez. The first location was introduced in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood in 1994, and its success prompted the opening of the second location, in Miami’s Westchester neighborhood nine years later.

From the moment you enter, all of your senses come to life with the unique decor and antiques, folkloric Colombian music that will have you on your feet dancing. Their live show, Trovadores, is a unique and immersive comedic experience that involves audience members. You can experience Trovadores Thursday through Saturday night at various times throughout the evening.

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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