Chicago’s Malibu Barbie Cafe: Fluffy Pancakes & Perfect Photo Ops

On a partly too hot and partly rainy sunny Saturday, I joined my friend and fellow blogger for some fluffy pancakes (honestly can’t believe how good they were) and some chic pink moments at the Malibu Barbie Cafe. Let’s be real – the location is in the middle of nowhere (Address: 324 S Racine Ave) but when you get there the hot pink sign, t-shirts, and high pony tails are sure to let you know you’ve reached Chicago’s barbie dream house.

Windy City Cosmo at Malibu Cafe

With a roller rink in the middle (yes! You can rollerblade), a Malibu swing, the iconic plastic Barbie box and Barbie themed drinks, women of all ages and I mean all ages we’re reminiscing over how great it is to be a girl and share their Barbie stories. I saw a group of ladies in their 50s, all dressed in Barbie shirts, a double date of Ken and Barbie duos and tween sisters with their own twist on Barbie.

Windy City Cosmo at Malibu Cafe in Chicago

As I took a bite of my burrito and a bite of my friend’s pancakes, I realized how chill this place was. There weren’t lines or crowds. It was nicely spread out and you could get up from your table at your leisure and enjoy the many photo ops.

Windy City Cosmo at Malibu Cafe in Chicago

If you’re looking for an afternoon of reminiscing, striking poses and honestly relaxing, you should check out this Barbie dream world and add it to your Chicago Summer Bucket List. Do note that there is a $6 charge per person added to the bill for the Barbie experience.


Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

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