Chicago Small Business Spotlight: Wantz Events – Expert Event Planning

Chicago Small Business Spotlight: Wantz Events – Expert Event Planning

Welcome to the Chicago Small Business Spotlight Series. During Quarantine, Small Businesses have been hit pretty hard, as well as other industries. In this series, Windy City Cosmo will be interviewing various Chicago small businesses to learn about their story, what they do, and how they are doing during quarantine.

Events are the fabric of life – and city life, especially at Windy City Cosmo, where I used to go to almost an event or two per day. They bring people together. They help us celebrate people, embrace challenges and honor achievements.

I’d like you to meet someone who has created a number of events in Chicago and beyond, Sarah Wantz, President/Owner of Wantz Events. Based in Chicago, Sarah produces corporate, social & nonprofit events across the US.

What’s your story?Why do you love your job/business?

I have been creating and producing events for 10+ years and the thrill of seeing it all come together will never get old! I love the creativity, organization and focus it takes to curate an experience from invite to guest entry experience, to entertainment, decor, food and beverage! Creating a truly unique & special experience for people gives me an incredible sense of pride.

How has the quarantine affected your business?

The event industry, comprised of many, many small businesses, has taken a massive and devastating hit due to the virus. Events are getting canceled left and right and industry professionals are trying to be as accommodating as possible, but it is incredibly difficult for everyone right now. Luckily, some events are being postponed to the fall, while others are now looking to 2021.

What changes have you made to stay in business?

We are exploring virtual event concepts in the interim, but know that people will be excited to get back out there and have that human interaction as soon as all of this is behind us!

We also feel there will be a trend towards smaller, more intimate events, which we happen to love due to the higher level of detail that can go into each.

How can people support you during this time?

Sarah Wantz, President/Owner of Wantz Evenrs

Reach out about future event needs! Lets use this time to start planning your next big celebration, whether late 2020, or into 2021. I also think this is a great time for networking and reconnecting, so never hesitate to reach out to us at

Amanda Whitfield
Amanda Whitfield

Amanda Whitfield is a writer and speaker and a relationship builder. She believes that meeting people in person is important. After attending numerous fashion, startup, and creative events, she founded Windy City Cosmo is 2015 to help people make connections in the city as they build their businesses, start and end relationships and see and be seen. Over the past three years, the entrepreneurs she’s interviewed have become the most successful in Chicago and Windy City Cosmo won an award in 2017 for her work for female entrepreneurs.

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