Chicago Open House Brings Hidden Architecture Wonders October 17-18, 2015

Open House Chicago Photo: Chicago Architecture Foundation

Have you ever passed a building and wondered, “What does it look like inside?”

Well, I came up with this intro, and it happens to be Open House Chicago’s mantra, as well.

So, here’s my new intro.

Tomorrow, I am going on a yacht. I know it’s fall, so I can’t sunbathe, but I can have my Titanic moment. I have never been inside a yacht. So, I am going to soak in the opportunity. I will touch the steering wheel and prance down the dining hall.

Third Largest Building in Chicago:

I am going to leave and go to the third largest building in Chicago, the Aon Center. I am going to get an exclusive 360 view of the city. A new perspective. One that I have never seen before.

Saturday at the Office:

I am going to the office on a Saturday. It’s not my office. But, I have access. I will take in the green marble and stainless steel columns. I will appreciate the energy-efficient modern design at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.

Penthouse Overlooking the Chicago River:

After work, I am going to a penthouse. Yes, a penthouse. I don’t expect to see my favorite hip hop artists, but like a museum, I will see how they live. Well, it’s not that type of penthouse. It’s a penthouse dedicated to sustainable solutions and DIRTT’s (“Doing It Right This Time”) ideas about how to build better.

And I am not telling you this to gloat. I am telling you that you can see these exclusive places this weekend on October 17, 2015 and October 18, 2016 from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Plan Your Trip:

You don’t even have to plan. It’s as simple as clicking.

Visit Open House Chicago to start.

All of the places open to the public exclusively for this weekend are listed with pictures. Click on one of them for more pictures and descriptions. Add the place to your itinerary. Keep finding places and add them to your itinerary. At the end, you will have a complete listing, map included.

Do something for yourself this weekend and see all of the places you never knew you wanted to see.

There are 200 places for you to explore for free in and around Chicago.

Have fun exploring Chicago.

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