Chicago New Year’s Eve Events for the Last Minute Party Animal

Chicago New Year’s Eve Events for the Last Minute Party Animal

There’s nothing more exciting than a good New Year’s Eve party in Chicago.

Sparkles. Check.
Ridiculous dress. Check.
Champagne. Check.

For the last-minute party animal that you are, below are a few places to drop down and get your eagle on for 2016.

Chi Town Rising:

Chicago is on the rise and as such, we have decided that 2016 is the year to have our first official downtown celebration at the Chicago River. At Midnight, Chicagoans will gather for the countdown for the 75 foot star to launch in the air following a firework display.

There are two places to watch the star launch and party, which include live music for four hours and hits from NBC 5 and Kiss FM. You can also catch a glimpse of the shooting star for free in the downtown area.

The Chicago Cultural Center will have a special family fun New Year’s Eve bash as part of Chi Town Rising.


There are several straight-up fun parties in Chicago for New Year’s Eve and several more formal, black tie events.

Celebrate at Carnivale, the colorful, open-space restaurant near the Fulton Market District for New Year’s Eve in Chicago. They will be offering a complementary champagne toast at midnight.

The Scout is having a special benefit event for New Year’s Eve in Chicago.


All of the hottest New Year’s Eve parties in Chicago are listed here. They include: Trophy Room, Tunnel night club (which had an awesome Daybreaker event in Chicago this November), Country Club, Heating and Cooling in Wrigley (which, by the way had one of the best Christmas parties i.e. someone dressed up as the leg  lamp  from A” Christmas Story”), The Drop, and The Bedford.

Low-Key New Year’s Eve:

While going out is fun, staying in can also be fun. Chicago women’s magazine, FW: Chicago has some great at home party tips for spicing up the decor and ambiance for an intimate house New Year’s Eve party.

How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve in Chicago?

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