Chicago Creatives Cocktail Party Attracts Multiple Talents

Chicago Creatives Cocktail Party Photo: Amanda Elliott

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, hundreds of actors, directors, and screenwriters from Chicago’s movies and entertainment industry came together at Rockit Bar and Grill in downtown Chicago to share their current work, gain attendees for their creative groups, or simply sip some wine and catch up.

Various groups in attendance included:

Rockit Bar and Grill was abuzz for the two-hour event. Artists discussed beauty standards from various modeling agencies, as well as ethnic issues. Other attendees touted their new productions. Some realized that they worked together, but never actually met.

Guests included Alexandra Hunter, a burgeoning voiceover artist. Model, influential youth speaker and soon-to-be author, Ashley Thomas McLean was in attendance with her husband, A.C. McLean from the global PR firm, ACM PR. The President of the Chicago Screenwriters Network, Dante Bacani, also welcomed guests.

Attendees munched on humus and vegetables or took the bar food route, and paired their wine or draft beer with warm seasoned fries.

The Chicago Screenwriter’s Network hosts monthly events. This September, they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. The Co-founder, Edward Bernero, an accomplised producer for the TV series, Criminal Minds, will also be in attendance for the celebration. The event on Sunday, September 13, 2015, will be complete with a silent auction. Please see Eventbrite for more information about Chicago Screenwriter’s Network 20th Anniversary Celebration.

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