Chic French Brunch in Chicago: Cochon Volant

Brunch at Cochon Volant Photo: Amanda Elliott

Behind the iconic Chase building, there sits the Hyatt Centric. The newly renovated hotel is one of the first locations in the world under Hyatt’s new lifestyle brand name, Hyatt Centric, described as a cosmopolitan brand in the center of the action. That center of the action may just start directly below with the stand alone, 6,000 square feet French bistro, Cochon Volant, translated “flying pig.”

Lined with seasonal flower gardens, Cochon Volant (100 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL) invites city dwellers and hotel guests to sip on some Champagne or feed their appetites with savory French dishes.

The Ambiance

The Jackson 5 is lightly playing in the background and on a summer Sunday at 12:30 pm, there are only a few couples enjoying the warmth through the wide windows as the waiter takes their empty plates. Brunch is served as early as 7:30 am until 3:00 pm, for those partaking in a lazy Sunday or Saturday.

It’s gorgeous; it’s chic. The white-linen tablecloth reflects in the elongated mirror, which is pressed up against the light green painted walls. There is a few strips of wood that run along the side wall and embellish the sign “Cochon Volant.”

From the finely chopped chives on the open egg sandwich to the detailed carpet below my feet,  everything at Cochon Volant is tasteful.

I met my friend for a girl’s day downtown. Sunday on Monroe and Clark is light. There is no foot traffic. Inside Cochon Volant you feel like you entered a palace with the chic gray seating.

We opted to skip the usual round of coffee and mimosas and wait for the good coffee and tea at Goddess & The Baker, which just opened up a few blocks east. While restaurants do an amazing job with brunch, I find that they always skimp on the coffee or it tastes comparable to the cup you poured yourself this morning.

However, for a later meal you should order the burger, which some have called the best burger in the city. And then enjoy drinks made by mixologist, Anthony Mitchell, who,among other things, brings you the adult snow cone.

The Dish on French Brunch

Brunch at Cochon Volant Photo: Amanda Elliott
Croque Monsieur brunch at Cochon Volant

But, the brunch—the brunch was delicious. In the kitchen are acclaimed chef’s Roland Liccioni and Zagat’s 30 under 30 for Chicago in 2013, Matthew Ayala.

Since we sat down for a later brunch, I ordered the “Unbreakfast,” as it was described on the menu. It tasted like breakfast. The open sandwich named, “Croque Monsieur” started with French country ham, gruyere, and hot mustard. It was complete with an egg on top and french fries on the side.

My friend opted for true breakfast. She ordered the “Duck Confit-Bacon-Cheddar Omelette,” which was complete with toast and potato wedges.While you can skip the fries, the potato wedges were perfectly seasoned.

Cochon Volant opened in late April 2015. While attached to the Hyatt Centric, it is not a hotel bar or restaurant. It simply is located underneath one. But, makes a statement on it’s own. They do, however, provide the beverages for room service for the hotel guests.

Brunch at Cochon Volant Photo: Amanda Elliott
Duck Confit-Bacon-Cheddar Omelette Brunch at Cochon Volant
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