Celebrity Makeup Artist Debuts Line at Ulta Beauty Wicker Park With Must-Have Purple Mascara

Celebrity Makeup Artist Debuts Line at Ulta Beauty Wicker Park With Must-Have Purple Mascara

Fiona Stiles. I already wanted to meet her because I love Fiona Apple. There’s something in a name.

Stiles’ bio reads that some of the world’s most famous and recognizable faces trust her, as do a roster of top photographers and directors, including Mario Testino, Steven Klein, Inez & Vinoodh, Annie Leibovitz and Ellen Von Unwerth.

I was intrigued.

The petite, denim-styled blonde has spent the past year transitioning from celebrity artist to a creator of her own makeup line.

Her new line hit shelves this February 2016 at Ulta Beauty Wicker Park and your favorite Chicago bloggers were there to meet Fiona Stiles and play with her new line in hopes that we can also achieve a face worth photographing.

Fiona Stiles Helps Bloggers Pick Out Makeup:

Seldom do we have the opportunity to meet the person behind the product. With startups, it’s a little bit easier, but with an international, celebrity makeup artists, this felt like a dream.

So, I asked Fiona Stiles some of my top makeup concerns, starting with the number one component of my Snow White look—red lips.

The Trouble With Red Lips:

Help me, I looked toward Fiona Stiles, “My Mac red lipstick smears so much that it looks like I ate my lipstick.”

And The Fix:

Stiles told me that it’s best to use a lipstick pencil than a lipstick. I used two different lip pencils from her collection, Fiona Stiles Beauty!. At first, it felt like my lips had dried up like a flower without water, but when I went back to pick out a foundation, it was more comfortable, and didn’t dry out my lips as much as some long-lasting lip stains and lip pencils do.

Meeting celebrity makeup artist, Fiona Stiles. Photo: Amanda Elliott

Fun, But Mature Looks With Eye Shadow:

For her eye shadows, Fiona Stiles kept things natural and added some rich, vibrant color.

She explained her trick for helping us look playful, but sophisticated at the same time.

“I added black in the eye shadow colors,” Fiona says, “so that there is great, vibrant color, but it looks mature rather than meant for a teenager.”


Fiona Stiles at the Fiona Stiles Beauty! launch party event at Ulta Beauty Wicker Park. Photo: Amanda Elliott


“Pigment and payoff were really important to me in developing the line so the products all have incredible, vibrant, long wearing colors,” Stiles says in her recent blog post.

“I also wanted to create something that has the quality of an expensive high-end brand at a reasonable price point so that incredible quality can be available to everyone.”

I met the bloggers behind Once Upon a Dollhouse, another Chicago Lifestyle Blog that is just as fun as adorable as the roommate pair who created it.

We had fun as we took our makeup to the makeup artist for mini makeovers.

Danielle from Once Upon a Dollhouse picks out the prefect lip color with makeup collection creator, Fiona Stiles. Photo: Amanda Elliott


On a Scale of 1 -10, I’m White Stone:

The thing that I love about Fiona Stiles line is that she paid attention to all the details that go into picking out makeup so that we don’t have to.

Her foundation and concealer line are all labeled 1 – 10, so that if you are #1 foundation, you can match it with the #1 concealer.

Guess who has #1 foundation skin tone? Yours truly. I am the whitest pigment in Fiona Stiles’ new makeup line, Fiona Stiles Beauty!.  The foundation is called Porcelain, but the loose setting powder is fittingly called, White Stone.

If this isn’t a call for more sunshine in your life, I don’t know what is.

Stiles said that she didn’t want to add white to the foundations, which is why my skin tone is the lightest color in her line.

Makeup artist, Lauren, who previously worked for Mac Cosmetics,gave me tips for applying Fiona Stiles White Stone Loose Setting Powder and Porcelain Foundation. Photo: Amanda Elliott

Must-Have Purple Mascara:

My absolute favorite part of her collection is her mascara. I went through a Chicago snowstorm to get to my speaking engagement, and my mascara didn’t smudge.

For all the girls who wind up with their mascara all over their face instead of nicely held on their lashes, the Fiona Stiles Beauty! purple mascara is a must-have. It’s everything you want in a mascara that volumizes your lashes: smudge-resistant, clump-free, flake-free.

I seriously just threw out three mascaras during my extensive spring cleaning process, and this purple mascara has been what every close-set eyed girl has been waiting for.

Fiona Stiles Beauty! Line Makes You Look Cool, Calm, and Collected:

I’ve been waiting for a makeup line that helps you look cool, calm, and collected, and this is it. There are some fun colors to play with, like the Fiona Stiles Beauty! Oceanus eye shadow palette, but her makeup line really focuses on enhancing your natural beauty. 

Fiona Stiles sent us home with awesome swag at her launch party event at Ulta Beauty in Wicker Park.

Bloggers went home with two lipstick shades, purple mascara, a Topanga eye shadow palette, and skin beautifiers.

There are 120 pieces to the Fiona Stiles Beauty! makeup collection. This is one practical collection that everyone who wants to look like a somebody should have.

Fiona Stiles makeup swag from the launch party at Ulta Beauty Wicker Park. Photo: Amanda Elliott

The day after this Ulta Beauty event, I had a big presentation at 1871. I trusted the makeup tricks from the funny and talented makeup artists, Lauren, and Fiona Stiles’ advice and came up with the below creation.


Testing Fiona Stiles’ first makeup line, Fiona Stiles Beauty! Photo: Amanda Elliott


You can shop Fiona Stiles Beauty! online and in-store at Ulta Beauty. Seriously, start with the purple mascara. When Fiona told me that mascara is one of her must-haves, I now understand the true value in a good mascara.


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