Bonjour Paris Fashion Week: Windy City Cosmo Goes to Paris

Bonjour Paris Fashion Week: Windy City Cosmo Goes to Paris

It was like flipping a coin.

Last night at 1 am, after ending an evening that started with good intentions, my friend’s Lyft Driver told me two important things.

The first was that I seem fun and I should go out with guys like my friend. (PS I already dated him).

The second was that I should go to Paris.

Paris Fashion Week:

And so here I am, less than 24 hours after booking a flight to Paris, that I am sitting in seat D29- a middle seat-on my way to arguably the most fashionable city in the world.

This week is Paris Fashion Week. And when special invitations are sent to you, you order a few cosmos and debate its authenticity.

It’s that coin toss thing.

I am taking a bet on myself and fashion and am going to Paris Fashion Week as one of the select Chicago bloggers who was presented the opportunity.

Emerging Chicago Fashion:

Chicago is starting its own initiative to become a fashion icon. Prominent Chicago female entrepreneurs like Andrea Ulrich, CEO of Techweek and Chicago Fashion bloggers, like my past coworker at Ann Taylor Water Tower, Sarah Pridgen from What Sarah Wears, have ┬árecently been featured on The Limited’s new empowering campaign.

Chicago also has incorporated fashion events and runway shows of it’s own. Look for more Chicago fashion events throughout March to be apart of the Chicago fashion scene.

But while Chicago fashion develops into the status of New York or LA, I’m going to learn from the best in the fashion industry, party with all of the models and take a selfie with Kim K. (or her sister).

Preparing for Paris Fashion Week:

Windy City Cosmo is so honored to be selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

To prepare, I went to Water Tower Place and tried on every black garment that┬áI could in an hour. I can’t wait to show you the look tomorrow when I am at my very first Paris Fashion Show for Bernard Chandran’s Ready to Wear Fall 2016 collection.

Packing wasn’t complete without shoes. I chose three pairs of non-black shoes to pack.

In total, my Jessica Simpson, bright pink luggage weighed less than 30 lbs. The stewardist advised me to go shopping in Paris because people always compliment her on bags and clothes she bought in Europe and Asia, but never America.

I smiled because I only packed clothes and shoes that people have complimented me on, and they were all bought in America.

Behind the Scenes at Paris Fashion Week:

Follow Windy City Cosmo on Instagram (username: WindyCityCosmo) and Snapchat (username: Rationalization) for behind the scenes adventures of your favorite Chicago city girl’s adventures at my first Paris Fashion Week.

Miricales really do happen! My first business trip was in Januray to tour Rosemont and my second business trip is in Paris, France.

I booked my flight with Kiss & Fly and for once I really did kiss someone goodbye and fly. Pro tip: it is always better to do things when you can tell your parents (which I almost didn’t do) and when you have people supporting you.

Keep dreaming and working on your goals. I’m rooting for you and so is this group of Chicago creatives and these Chicago women in tech. I owe a lot of my success with Windy City Cosmo to SheSays Chicago. They offer free career events, mentorship programs, and the opportunity to lead an accountability groups.

Get it girl.

Bonjour Paris!

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