Bloggers Prepare for Fall Fashion: NYFW 2017

Bloggers Prepare for Fall Fashion: NYFW 2017

Oh, Fall. Football. Pumpkin Spice. And of course the fashion. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Fall 2017 starts on Thursday, September 7, 2017, and runs until Wednesday, September 13, 2017. This week showcases the first looks of next year – spring and summer trends for 2018 from some of our favorite brands including Coach and Calvin Klein.

While Windy City Cosmo was invited to a few shows, we’ve decided to watch from afar this season (which you can too here). Fashion Week is something that everyone should experience. I went to the Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2016 and the city really does come alive and people are modeling everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to every alleyway in between.

While many bloggers have been teasing fall fashion like this jacket here and this casual outfit, the real thing that bloggers are getting excited for is getting ready for NYFW. Windy City Cosmo reached out to some of the local Midwest bloggers and bloggers throughout America to spotlight how these bloggers get invited to NYFW and how they prepare!

So, with no further ado, I want to introduce you to some bloggers to watch this week as they post about NYFW 2017, their fall looks, and what to look forward to for spring 2018.

The first blogger I would like to introduce you to the beautiful and talented, Mireille, Founder of the blog, City Peach. I love her fashion because she plays with color and patterns, but most importantly, she plays with silhouettes. She inspires others to look chic, especially mothers on any budget. She likes to blend her city girl and southern girl vibes and incorporates vintage pieces with name brands.


Mirellie, Founder of fashion blog, City Peach
The second blogger who is preparing for fall fashion at NYFW is Caitlin Patton, Founder of With over 18k Instagram followers, and a fresh perspective on details like these jeans with flowers, she is definitely shaking up the fashion world in her city (and mine!), Chicago.

Caitlin Patton, Founder of fashion blog, Sophisticaition.
The third blogger I want to introduce you to is Bria Kiara, Founder of Daydreamers Magazine.  Her visual site pops and explores everything from new looks to not feeling connected.

One of my favorite fashion trends she covers is about these fashionista sunglasses from Vizion Eyewear. It honestly makes me want to reevaluate my love of plain black sunglasses.

Bria Kiara, Founder of Daydreamers Magazine.

Windy City Cosmo: Describe being a fashion blogger?

Mireille, City Peach: To me, it’ll all about providing inspiration and creativity. I love being able to be creative with outfitting and talk about the why behind what I put together and how it can work for the reader. Part of my blogging journey is to help people think outside the box when getting dressed.

Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: I really think the blogging community here in Chicago is something special. There are so many creative and bright individuals here, and I feel blessed to be a part of it all! A rising tide lifts all ships, and I love getting to work with other bloggers, photographers, stylists, graphic designers, etc. to help us all succeed.

Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: I’m a magazine founder and editor. It’s a very rewarding but ultra successful position to hold. I manage the daily operations of the online site while handling photo shoot and interview arrangements for online and print content. I create editorial calendars and attend events in the city as the magazine’s representative. In addition to fashion, I also focus on music and culture throughout the year.

Windy City Cosmo: What inspires your outfits?

Mireille, City Peach: Is it your mood or the events you’re going to, etc? I am mostly inspired by seasons and genres. For example, in the fall, I will layer everything, almost becoming the main focus of the style I create for that time of year… how creative can I get and use different ways to put many things together. I also am inspired by movies that I was obsessed with in the past and bringing a style to life through an outfit.

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Mireille from City Peach rocking a statement necklace.
Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: My outfits are definitely inspired by where I’m going and how I’m feeling. I also can make an outfit off of a song or album I’m really feeling. The new Lana album was a big source of my summer looks!

Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: My personal style is inspired by my mood and the event I’m going to. If I’m going somewhere at night, I tend to dress more fancy and classy; heels, dresses and really going out with my look. If I’m going somewhere during the day, I may wear something light, bright and easy to get me through my day. No matter what though, I’m always experimenting with different textures, color palettes, and eras.

Windy City Cosmo: How did you develop your style?

Mireille, City Peach: I have taken styles that I have loved over the years and experiences, to create a style that speaks to me as my identity. I worked in retail during my entire 20’s, from Abercrombie and Fitch, where I like to keep a classic feel to most looks, and then working at Anthropologie while in NYC, almost opened my eyes to mixing, matching, and taking risks. I wear what I love, what I feel comfortable in, and stay true to a style that I either love or stay away from what I truly do not like.

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Mireille from City Peach with a bright red purse and classic shades.
Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: I developed my style by reading magazines, watching movies about fashion and Pinterest. I want to get a worldview of how people are dressing, not just how people dress in my hometown (Philadelphia). I find I always find inspiration in the world outside of my own.

Windy City Cosmo: How do you choose locations to shoot beauty and fashion pieces?

Mireille, City Peach: My preference is for a ‘city setting’ because that is my blog namesake and theme. I like my outfits to depict a busy mom who is on the go; a city gal who will always feel at home in a concrete jungle and ever sacrifice being chic for anything! It is always possible to look put together, and my job is to show you how.

Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: I love shooting on Michigan Avenue. It’s just so quintessential Chicago, and I love the skyscrapers. It still feels surreal to look up at them and think, wow, I live here. The lake never disappoints, either!

Caitlin Patton from Sophisticaition a few blocks from the iconic Michigan Ave., at Sprinkles Cupcake ATM.
Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: I choose locations for photoshoots based on the concepts I want to execute. The location is the most important element of a successful shoot, so I also try to pick places that have various options for angles and shots.

Windy City Cosmo: How did you go about getting invited to New York Fashion Week?

Mireille, City Peach: It’s all about putting in the work, year round, growing your brand. If you put yourself out there and connect to brands that you love, you will always have a starting point. Then you just email, call, and ask to be a part of anything!

Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: I was invited to shows in February by some PR companies I work with, and they encouraged me to attend this fall! I’ve reached out to brands myself but have also continued to work with my contacts at PR agencies to help them with brand coverage.

Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: It’s honestly all about good timing, knowing somebody who knows somebody and being ready. A friend of mine knows a designer personally who needed media for her fashion show during NYFW. She immediately told me about the opportunity, and I was connected with the designer of the fashion show.

Bria Kiara from Daydreamers Magazine showing off an elegant choker.
Windy City Cosmo: What designers are you excited to see?

Mireille, City Peach: Rodarte is one of my absolute favorite design house (especially for Fall inspo) and runway show in general. I will not be seeing them this year, but love Christian Siriano and his idea of the woman’s definition of style, I love Tibi’s ideas, Carolina Herrera’s full skirts, and Alexander Wang.

Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: Not all invites are finalized yet, but I am really excited to see the Banana Republic presentation because a lot of my readers have expressed interest in work wear – I hope I’ll get some major office outfit inspo!

Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: I am excited to see Siobhan Hunter!!

Windy City Cosmo: Lastly, what are some staples you’re packing for the show?

Mireille, City Peach: I’m extremely into jumpsuits, so that is my go-to when all else fails. I have a pair of tassel heeled loafers that can go with any outfit and are actually comfortable, and I have about 6 high waist skirts in every color that if anything, can always go with a tee and still look amaze!

Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: COMFY SHOES. Extra memory cards for my camera. Lots of fun lipsticks, and some favorite fall trends like metallics, velvet, and more.


blue cocktail dress-5922 edit
Caitlin Patton from Sophisticaition in a gorgeous blue dress and nude heels.

Windy City Cosmo: So, readers can follow along, please list your social links where they can see your coverage.

Mireille, City Peach: I will be on my IG stories the entire time, so the best place to follow along is @city.peach on Instagram.

The best place to find direct links to my blog posts are either my actual blog, or on!

Caitlin Patton, Sophisticaition: 




 Bria Kiara, Daydreamers Magazine: 

Twitter: @daydreamersmag_

Instagram:  @daydreamersmag

Update: New York Fashion Week is still going strong and these are some of my favorite looks:

City nights with @lincolnparkmin #nyfw ✨

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