Black is White: Toothpaste Trend

Black. It’s not just the packaging. When I squeezed the edge of the tube, black toothpaste spread onto the matching Swiss brand, Curaprox toothbrush.

It was like that green ketchup phase. You mentally had to get over the fact that you had green ketchup on your fries.

And here I was, mentally preparing to brush my teeth with black toothpaste in the  name of cosmetology.

The marketing is a little dark like the toothpaste, but I was also intrigued by it. Curaprox launched two different black is white toothpastes in 2015.

The reason that the toothpaste is black is because it’s made from activated carbon.

So, what does activated carbon, black toothpaste actually mean?

Well, it’s natural and not harmful. There’s no bleaching necessary.

Also, it means that the toothpaste is gritty.

It also means that you’ll want to use mouthwash afterwards, because while your teeth will look more natural and white, you won’t have that minty fresh aftertaste.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty cool product. I do sometimes miss the aftertaste of my Crest Whitening toothpaste, but I do see immediate results. Black toothpaste is effective in removing my coffee stains and polishing off my pearly whites.

So, if you’re looking for a natural cleaning, let me just say, it’s more expensive, but in the words of this Amazon review, it’s “a great natural whitener.”


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