Being Single Costs an Extra $2K a Year and Other Reasons You’re Poor

Being Single Costs an Extra $2K a Year and Other Reasons You’re Poor

You took fake it till you make it too far.

We’re entering the summer months – which in Chicago is a very big deal. It’s that time where buying rounds of drinks (at every rooftop in the city) is important. We’re getting fake tans and taking yoga classes and getting the matching yoga pants that are trending on Instagram.

But before you start doing it for the gram (yes, we saw you throw out the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino), you might want to take some advice from the goddesses of being the plus one of the rich and the famous, Guest of a Guest. 

Guest of a Guest recently published a post detailing why you’re poor. They covered it all from Ubering every day (yes, it’s still cool to walk a few blocks, even in heels) to buying a name brand white t-shirt instead of the value pack at Target.

I did a double take when I saw that dating around can set you back an upwards of $2,000 a year. Ang then Guest of a Guest emphasized, “No, seriously, studies have demonstrated this.”

If you’re trying to save for a summer vacation and wondering why you have no funds to go somewhere and get an actual tan (Cabo, Meekanus, anyone?) then you need to stop what you’re doing and check yourself.

On the list (there are 13 reasons) included:

  • Buying name brand instead of bulk
  • Ubering everyday
  • Doing it for the gram
  • You’re single

For more financial advice, learn from this guru who talks about giving up Uber and brunch to save for bigger investments. 

Cheers for taking a moment to be financially savvy! No one will know that your white button down isn’t Burberry and if you’re staying at home drinking Barefoot wine and Netflix and Chilling instead of buying dinner for your next one night stand. We get it, you’re bad and boujee.



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