5 Fashion Trends to Embrace This Fall

5 Fashion Trends to Embrace This Fall

Grab your infinity scarf, your saddle boots, and your pumpkin spice latte, because fall has officially arrived. In addition to the beautiful weather and the cozy, fireside nights, there are a few fall styles you can look forward to this season.

A Stylish Turtleneck

Turtlenecks have a bad rep over the last few years, but don’t dismiss this style just yet. E! Online cites Fergie’s turtleneck as the “it” piece that’s missing from most of our wardrobes.

“Up until recently, turtlenecks had a false reputation for being overly conservative, frumpy, and unflattering,” wrote E! contributor, Raleigh Burgan. “But when styled correctly, this cold-weather classic can transform your entire ensemble and—dare we say—make you look incredibly cool.”

Follow Fergie’s fitted, tucked-in style, and you can’t go wrong.


Pleats are another style brought to the forefront of fall fashion, thanks in part to the attachment of a notable name—fashion icon and British royalty Kate Middleton. Middleton’s fashionable pleated skirt featured in Mirror perfectly exemplifies a fall-appropriate style that is sophisticated and fun.

A classic pleated skirt like hers, in a floral pattern or dark, fall colors (think shades of maroon, navy, and reds) can be the perfect way to take advantage of those wistful days and still look flirty and feminine.


Plaid is always a good go-to for fall styles. From button-ups to trench coats to scarves—if you slap a plaid pattern on it, it’s fall-ready. If you’re really feeling bold, a Daily Mail article suggests that you can combine two pieces to really hit the nail on the head.

Binky Felstead wore a ’90s-inspired, plaid shirtdress for her appearance on the weekly British cooking show, Sunday Brunch, and fans were left itching for much more information on her style than her cooking techniques. It might be hard to find a plaid shirtdress similar to hers, but if you can, grab it and hang on tight. A cute ’90s choker necklace and a pair of black booties will complete the cozy, retro look.

Shearling Jacket

If temperatures are already dipping into the 50s in Chicago, NYU Local recommends a shearling jacket. Although they’re traditionally made with sheepskin/lambskin and wool, there are great faux options out there that can help you achieve a similar look.

A suede exterior or fall-appropriate shade of brown, red, or orange can help you easily satisfy the trend. They usually look best over a fitted shirt and classic pair of denim jeans. You can also try the coat over a pencil skirt and boots to change things up a bit.


Black leather to be exact. Jackets are the hottest commodity, but Saint Laurent’s latest line available on Lyst shows that it’s easy to achieve the trend with other pieces. You could try something like the featured leather bustier top, or put a classic twist on the trend with pair of black leather booties.

No matter how you decide to sport the style (and faux leather is always accepted). As long as it’s sleek and black, you can still achieve the chic and sexy look.

Enjoy the weather, and the fashion it brings while you can because winter will be here before you know it!

This article was written by:  Stacy Jameson

Stacy Jameson is a freelance writer and blogger based on the East Coast. She is thrilled to finally be dusting off her fall jackets. When she’s not writing, you can find her shopping or enjoying a cup of warm cider with her two cats, Milo and Chester. She’s been working on knitting her own infinity scarf all summer long.



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